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Campus Computer Repurposing & Surplus Process

August 2011 


The purpose of this process is to better assist our customers and departments in:

  • Ensuring reallocated computer equipment will be set up properly and securely.
  • Maintaining software licensing compliance and meet minimum campus standards.

To that end, the following guidelines for computer equipment were designed to provide a consistent, unified process to reclaim equipment (machine/computers) from campus staff and faculty during the set-up of new equipment.

Previously, when a new computer was set up/installed for staff or faculty members, the existing computer frequently remained with them. This equipment often would then be reallocated within their department, which created several issues that negatively impact users, including:

  • Out-of-date image: Computers often were not set to our current campus image. They may have been out of date and open to security vulnerabilities not present when using our most recent image.
  • Increased security risk: Computers may have had data from a previous user on the system including FERPA information, bank statements, social security numbers or other private or personal information.
  • Licensed software compliance: Computers that were reallocated without a re-image often had software installed whose license was transferred to another machine, In addition, the computer may have had software that was intended for a specific user or purpose.
  • Viruses or compromised machines: In some cases, viruses/malware may have been present on the old computer. these systems could possibly be unusable to the new owner.
  • Departmental inventory: It's easy for departments to lose track of computer inventory. This led to unnecessary purchases of new equipment, especially for seldom-used workstations where a used system would suffice.
  • Aged systems: Reallocated computers are often out of warranty (typically 3 yrs) or do not meet minimum campus standard (6 yrs). This translates into higher support cost for campus and loss of user productivity.

Current Solution:

The current process requires that ITS reclaim old equipment when a new system is set up. Secondly, it requires that machines over 6 years old be designated as surplus, i.e. not to be used again.

When reclaiming equipment, faculty or staff will state if the computer will be reallocated, or if ITS should store it until it is needed in the department. Once it is brought to ITS, the system will be wiped clean of personal information and viruses, re-imagined, inventoried and stored. It will remain in ITS until needed by department or until it is no longer beneficial to the university. These computers will not be used for any purpose outside the department owner. When needed, ITS will set up the new user.

This solution offers the following results:

  • Computers will only go out under known and verified working conditions with the current campus image and the proper software installed.
  • Computers will always meet minimum campus standards and comply with the Hardware end of Life SLA (pending approval).
  • All inventory records within the department and ITS will be updated to reflect the change in ownership.
  • All required software needed by the new user will be installed and non-licensed software will be removed.
  • All malicious viruses and malware will be guaranteed to be removed from the system.
  • ITS will supply inventory reports to department on systems the we house, including the age of the systems and specifications of the hardware installed on the system.


Proposal submitted to Executive Tier, Aug. 19, 2011
Approved by Chancellor, Aug. 19, 2011
Posted on Website, Aug. 24, 2011