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Workstation Administrative Privileges Practice Directive



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Contact Information:

CIO / Elena Pokot / (262) 472-7790 /

Effective Date:

11/22/2021 Approved by Executive Tier 11/22/2021

Revised Date:




UW System: UW System Administrative Policy 1039: Information Security Risk Management, UW System Administrative Policy 1032: Information Security Awareness, UW System Administrative Policy 1031: Data Classification and Protection

Regent: Regent Policy 25-5: Information Technology: Information Security

State: State Statute Subchapter 8: Information Technology

Federal: U.S. Department of Commerce: Security and Privacy Controls for Federal Information Systems and Organizations



The University of Wisconsin-Whitewater is committed to providing a secure information technology (IT)

environment in support of the mission of the university. This Practice Directive is intended to ensure

compliance with UW System Policies, Regent Policies, State Statutes, and Federal Statutes regarding

information security risk management.



This Practice Directive and its corresponding Procedure highlight the importance of proper risk management, specifically concerning elevated end user workstation privileges. These guidelines include risk mitigation controls where the likelihood of occurrence is almost certain / already occurring for the purpose of reducing risk and safeguarding access to information.



Information Security - Workstation Administrative Privileges Procedures


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