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Digital Signage is a method of communicating with the campus community via plasma screen/LCD displays.  The screen can remain static with a single message or rotate between messages.

Digital Signage will allow your division/department to display multiple messages at set intervals to communicate with students, staff, faculty, or guests. Once the digital signage is installed, information is able to be updated quickly. Develop your own content or work with ITS to effectively communicate your message.


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Digital Signage Features

  • Display from multiple inputs including, cable TV, live streaming, PowerPoint slides, and websites. 
  • Manage content using a browser based application, Appspace Digital Sign System.
  • Ability to override regular content with high-priority information from emergency systems.

Getting started with Digital Signage

Installation of the digital signage will require the purchase of a Chromebox Commercial Digital Media Player selected by ITS which will meet the needs of the requested usage and compatibility requirements for the campus's infrastructure. The department/division will pay the costs of installation.

To request a consultation for a new digital signage installation, please contact the Helpdesk at

ITS manages the infrastructure that supports digital signage on campus. Each department manages the content of its signage. For questions regarding the content or to make a content request, please see the content owners below:

Department/Building Contact Specifications
CoBE Jessica Berge See the Hyland Hall Digital Signage Knowledge Base article.
Greenhill Center Jessica Turner Digital Screen Size: 1920x1080px
Format: JPEG
CoEPS Jon Spike Digital Screen Size: 1920x1080px
Format: JPEG
LTC/General Access Labs Aaron Axelsen Digital Screen Size: 1920x1080px
Format: JPEG
University Center Jenny Fisco Signage only for UC Departments and UC-sponsored or co-sponsored events.
University Housing Rajen Patel Text or graphic at 640x980px Submit at:
CoLS Matt Baier Digital Screen Size: 1920x1080px
Format: JPEG
Rock County Cori Olin Digital Screen Size: 1080x720px
Format: JPEG

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