Information Technology Services

File Storage

UW-Whitewater provides several types of network storage for university-related coursework or business. Each storage option has its own set of features. It is important to select the storage offering that is appropriate for the information being stored, please see the chart below for guidance.




Network File Storage Features

UW-Whitewater provides storage for university-related coursework or business. Google Drive and Webex are available to all students and employees. Employees are also provided with network-based storage. The chart below describes UW-Whitwater's storage offerings:

Google Drive Network Individual (G: Drive) Network Departmental (H: Drive) Network Shared   (T: Drive) Website Workstation Hard Drive Webex
Shared course materials*
Store and collaborate on committee materials (not for sensitive information)
Store and collaborate on documents with private/sensitive information
Share files with someone outside of UW-Whitewater
Author & Store University Content
Share content with a large audience
Storing Personal Content

Long Term Data Storage External hard drives, DVD-Rs, and/or paper are the best options for long-term storage. If the archived data contains sensitive information, keep it under lock and key.  

Getting Started with Network File Storage

Network Drives (H: drive, T: drive, G: drive)

Network drives are securely backed up and accessible from anywhere: classrooms, labs, and even from computers off-campus. 

  • H: drive is your department’s files
    • Mac:
  • T: drive is for your project and group files. Submit a request to add, remove or change a T: drive.
    • Mac:
  • G: drive is for your personal work files
    • Mac: A-G:, H-M:, N-S: T-Z:

Please note, only employees are provided access to network drives.

How-To Guides and Training

UW-Whitewater's file storage options do not provide any automated archiving or records retention functions. Each department is responsible for determining their required records retention intervals and ensuring that files are maintained according to the appropriate records schedule. For more information on records management, visit the library's website.

Legal Access to Electronic Files/Records

UW Whitewater complies with all legal requests for information, including those requests for data included as part of a subpoena, e-discovery litigation action or Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request.

In order to facilitate an appropriate transition of business records during a staff member's departure, ITS can make a copy of a departing employee's email and network file storage available to the employee's supervisor. This is done only upon request, and must be requested within 7 days of the employee's end date and requires approval of Provost (or designee) in the case of faculty or Vice Chancellor of Administrative Affairs (or designee) in the case of all other staff.

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