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Google Workspace for Education

Google Workspace for Education (formerly Google Apps for Education) are free tools available to all UW-Whitewater students, instructors, and staff.

Google Workspace allows you to create, share and access documents and web pages from any internet-connected computer, tablet, or mobile device. Easy-to-use, collaboration features allow for real-time, online editing of documents and web pages by multiple people, thereby bringing students, instructors, and teams together virtually.

Using Google Workspace does not require you to buy or install software, and you are able to use the tools right from within your favorite web browser.




Google Drive Login

Google Workspace Features

  • Net-ID integration available for all UW-Whitewater students, instructors, and staff.
  • Easily create, share and access documents from any internet connected device!
  • Colloborate in real-time with classmates or colleagues.

Getting started with Google Workspace

How to Login To Google Workspace

Enter your UW-Whitewater email address at any Google login prompt to login.  After entering in your UW-Whitewater email address you will be redirected to our standard UW-Whitewater login screen.

You can quickly see what account you are logged into by checking your name/image in the top right corner of the browser window. If you need to access your UWW Google account, please sign out of your personal account, then log back in using your UWW account.

Switching Between Personal and UW-Whitewater Google Accounts

In the list below, any tool identified with a green check can be used by the UW-W campus.  Assistance with tools in the "Available" column is provided by Google Support directly. The Helpdesk can provide assistance with tools that are "Supported"

Apps Available Supported
Drive and Docs *
Google Chat / Hangouts
Google Chrome Sync
Google Maps
Google Meet
Sites *

* Not to be used for sensitive information.

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