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Media Management

UW-Whitewater has two Media Management systems available to help fill all of your video and media related needs.  You will be able to upload videos restricted to only students enrolled in your courses, create a video for use on a department website, create screen recording tutorials right from your computer and much more!

A Media Management system allows you to easily record, upload and save your videos online.  Video playback will also automatically adapt to the users internet connection speeds to get them the best quality playback without having to constantly pause and buffer the video.

Lights, Camera, Action!

Streaming (Rev) Login

Media Management Features (Rev) Kaltura
Password Protected Videos
Reusable Videos
Webex Recording Storage
Department / Promotional Videos
One-time use videos
Student Assignments
Create Webcam Recording
Create Screen Capture Recording

Additional comparison available at: Canvas Media Management Tools.

Getting started with Media Management

Rev is a media management platform that enables students, instructors and staff to create, manage and distribute streaming video.

Inquiries regarding use beyond the scope of instruction can be forwarded to the Help Desk.

Get started with Rev

How-To Guides and Training

Kaltura is the media management system available for all of UW-System which is accessed through Canvas.

Login to Canvas (Login with your Net-ID and Password).  Click on the “Account” menu on the left side, and then click on “My Media”.

How-To Guides and Training

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