Information Technology Services

Student Information System (WINS)

The Whitewater Information Network for Students (WINS) is a personal online information network that is available for registering for classes, checking financial records, viewing your academic advising report AAR, schedule, tasks, profile, grades, important dates, resources and help.

WINS is the Student Information System (SIS) at UW-Whitewater - powered by Oracle PeopleSoft.




Student Information System Features

  • Online course registration (students) and access to course rosters (instructors).
  • Access to view final grades (students) and submit the final grades (instructors).
  • Financial aid tracking and disbursement (students).
  • Mobile friendly home page making WINS easy to access from any device.

Getting Started with Student Information System

Visit the Student Information Systems (WINS) Login Page to get started.

For helpful WINS how-to's visit the Office of the Registrars page.