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Website Management (Ingeniux)

Create a web presence that tells your department's unique story with UW-W's Website Management service. The web content management system (CMS) used at UW-Whitewater is Ingeniux and is available to departments, colleges, and business units across campus. The web management service includes web strategy, design, development, content production, analytics, and support. 

Ingeniux offers a single place to manage all your content, including pages, components, and assets like images, media, and documents. Easily flow content from draft to approval and advance from staging to production.



Ingeniux Features

  • Easily upload and manage digital assets (documents and images).

  • Add a Qualtrics survey directly to your webpage.

  • Preview your content in real-time prior to publishing.

  • Run broken link reports and perform traffic analytics.

Getting started with Ingeniux

If you already have access, you can log in to Ingeniux (IGX) by going to

ITS is available to help with additional needs when it comes to Website Management, please see the list below for additional support:

Website Management Need Type of Request
I need access to edit a website Access to Ingeniux (ServiceNow)
I want to create a new website Project Request Form (ServiceNow)
I want to submit updates to be made on a website Content Change Request (ServiceNow)
I would like a consultation or training on IGX LTC Consultation Request (ServiceNow) 

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