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Indoor Ironman

Spring 2023 Indoor Ironman

 Program Dates:

  • February 25th through March 24th 2023
  • Registration is open February 21st - March 15th

 Indoor Ironman is:

  • 140 miles of fun - completed over 30 days
    • 2 miles swimming
    • 26 miles running
    • 112 miles biking

How it works:

  • Individual Ironman
    • One person completes all distances of each event
  • Team Ironman
    • THREE separate people complete each individual event
    • Person 1: Swim
    • Person 2: Bike
    • Person 3: Walk/Run
  • Individuals can compete in both competitions, however you cannot double dip distances. For example, if you are swimming in the team competition, you will need to swim double the distances.
  • There are two options in regards to awards upon completion
    • paid version where you will receive a shirt at the end of program timeframe ($10)
    • free version in which you will still record your miles, but not partake in a shirt 

 Logging/Reporting  Distances

  • Under each League in the Rec Sports App there are links to the respective google forms for participants to submit their workouts.
  • There are two new widgets in the Rec Sports App that lead directly to both the team and individual log forms.

 Swim: Participants can wear fins and use a kickboard to complete 132 lengths. The only thing participants cannot do is hold on to the wall or lane lines and "slide." GOAL: 132 Lengths

Bike: Miles can be completed on an upright or recumbent bike, indoor cycling class with group fitness for the exact mileage or outdoor on a pedal bike, recorded to the nearest .25 mile GOAL: 112 miles

Walk/Run:  Miles can be completed on a treadmill, elliptical, AMT, indoor/outdoor  GOAL: 26 miles

 How to sign up:

  • Log onto IM-leagues or the Rec Sports App
  • Go under the IM SPORTS section
  • Select Indoor Ironman
  • Register for the corresponding challenge you would like to participate in

Any questions - please reach out to Jen Kaina -

Contact Rec Sports