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Warhawk Fitness & Aquatics

Warhawk Fitness and Aquatics aims to create an inviting, uplifting and eye opening experience for UW-Whitewater students, faculty/staff, members and guests. We strive in providing a comfortable, safe and fun environment that empowers participants with self-confidence to promote overall well-being of mind, body and soul.

Warhawk Fitness memberships include access to the Williams Center Weight Room, University Fitness (located in the basement of Wells Hall), and all Group Fitness and Cycling classes. Memberships are available to purchase for UW-Whitewater students and faculty staff, as well as community members, For all UW-Whitewater students, fitness is a choice. Students would need to purchase a Warhawk Fitness membership to be able to access the above locations. For community members and additional family members who are interested in accessing the fitness facilities and programs can purchase either a Fitness or Gold membership, age restrictions do apply. During the academic year, all membership holders must 18 years or older. However during the summer months (May, June, July and August), those who are 15 - 17 years of age may purchase a membership with parent or guardian consent and signature.

Access to the Williams Center Pool for Open Swim is available for all current UW-Whitewater students and faculty/staff with an active HawkCard for free. Community members and additional family members can purchase a Gold or Silver membership to gain access to the pool during designated open swim times. Age restrictions also apply.

Guest passes are also available and are considered an all-access membership pass for the day. Age restrictions would apply.

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Reserve Your Spot

Capacity headcounts have been established for all workout facilities. To properly enforce headcounts, members must reserve a spot in IMLeagues, the department's recreation operations management software.

Reservation Link:

Current UW-Whitewater students, faculty and staff can log in by:

  • Selecting the LEFT button and typing in current UW-W credentials (NetID and password)
  • See the "How to Reserve" tab for instructions


Community members must create an account in IMLeagues in order to be able to reserve a spot. Creating an account is included with your membership and only needs to be done once, although your information may need to be updated on an annual basis.

  • Select the RIGHT button (Guest Log-In, Non-Whitewater Affiliates, Community)
  • Confirm that "University of Wisconsin-Whitewater" is listed, select "create account" for first time users
    • Type your first and last name, email address and create a password
    • Status: None
    • Grad Year: None
    • Enter Birthday
    • Participate As: Male, Female or Non-Binary
    • Select: Create Account 
  • Your credentials will be verified by staff (generally a quick response on-site)
  • Once credentials are verified, you are free to make your reservation - staff can show you how it works!

How to Reserve a Workout Time

  • Select "Group Fitness and Cycling Reservation" tab to reserve a spot for any group fitness or cycling class
  • Select "Facility Reservations" to reserve a spot in the Williams Center Weight Room, University Fitness or the Williams Center Pool
  • Time slots will be available 48 hours in advance and remain open until the time slot begins
  • Reservation will be forfeited:
    • if a member fails to check in to the Williams Center Weight Room or University Fitness within the first ten (10) minutes of the session start time
    • if a member fails to check in to a Group Fitness of Cycling Class five (5) minutes BEFORE the scheduled start time
  • Members may reserve the following number of spots each day:
    • Williams Center Weight Room: one per day
    • University Fitness: one per day
    • Group Fitness and Cycling: two per day
    • if space allows, drop-in workouts are allowed for each area beyond the above daily limits
  • Daily options will show up in the calendar on the IMLeagues home page
  • Once your spot is reserved, a confirmation email will be sent


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Group Fitness & Cycling

  • Warhawk Fitness Membership, Gold Community Membership or a Group Fitness Pass is REQUIRED to enter all classes except Core 360 (this class is free to all UW-Whitewater students, faculty and staff). Hawk Card/Membership ID is required to gain access
  • Day pass purchase will include access to Group Fitness and Cycling Classes (as allowed)
  • Limited spots available for each class and location; details for each class will be listed under each reservation
    • There is a registration limit of two (2) classes per day
  • If the class is virtual, links will be provided
  • For your own safety, as well as being considerate of other members where space is limited, back-to-back class participation is limited to only two (2) classes
  • Most classes will be held in the Williams Center Dance Studio. When weather permits, outdoor locations include the Wangerin Outdoor Tennis Courts and the outdoor basketball court on the south side of the Williams Center. Locations will be listed on the schedule
  • Cycling classes are held in University Fitness, in the basement of Wells Hall (water is required)
    • access to class will not be granted more than 15 minutes prior to the class starting
    • no saving bikes
  • Aqua classes are held in the Williams Center pool
  • Classes will be canceled within ten (10) minutes if no participants show
  • Arrive to class 15 minutes early, a staff member will check you in on-site
  • Have your Hawk Card/Membership ID ready to scan on-site to confirm membership
  • All registered members must be checked in to the class location five (5) minutes PRIOR to class, otherwise the reservation will be forfeited
  • Drop-in reservations sre allowed for any member as long as space allows

This 30 minute class follows the format of Group Strength but targets the lower body. It is designed to tone and tighten everything below the belt!

Come and get the workout of your life! This class is designed to push you to the limit of your cardiovascular fitness. Low-impact, but high intensity! Water bottles are required. Located in the University Fitness Center, basement of Wells Hall. Reservations are highly recommended. (60 minute format)

*Call ahead to reserve a spot: 262.472.1260*

This FREE 15 minute abs class is open to everyone. A fun and challenging way to tighten and tone your tummy!

A combination class featuring 30 minutes of Insanity® followed by 30 minutes of PiYo® (60 minute format).

New to strength training or looking to CHANGE UP your CURRENT ROUTINE? Group Strength offers a non-intimidating environment to help shape your body! (45 minute format)

A fun-filled, action packed cardio based, total-body conditioning workout that provides a wide range of modifications for all levels of fitness. (30 minute format)

Calm your mind, settle your body and find a softer focus to your day in this 20-30 minute guided meditation session. All experience levels are welcome as we transcend into a deep rest while bringing your mind to higher state of self-awareness, recharging yourself mentally and physically.

Total-body strength and cardio-conditioning workouts inspiring group camaraderie to help people achieve their desired fitness levels. (45 minute format).

An athletic blend of Yoga, Pilates, strength conditioning, flexibility and dynamic balance movements and poses. (60 minute format)

Whether you are a beginner or an advanced stepper, this tried and true fitness staple uses basic to advanced step moves to challenge all levels of participants. (45 minute format)

This functional strength class offers a challenging and motivational environment to push your body to its limits! (45 minute format)

This 45-minute class combines TRX suspension training with cardio circuits for an exciting, well-rounded workout. Prepare for a class that will help improve strength, balance, flexibility, core stability and endurance!

This new format combines 20 minutes of strength training, with 20 minutes of high intensity cardio and sport based movements, followed by 20 minutes of Yoga. (60 minute format)

TRX® leverages gravity and body weight, activating your core to help strengthen and increase range of motion throughout your body. *User's hands and feet are supported by a single anchor point while the opposite end of the body is in contact with the floor.* (45 minute format)

The most outrageously fun class that takes Kickboxing to a whole new level! Specially choreographed music and routines allow for an easy to learn workout that is challenging and upbeat. (45 minute format)

Connect your mind and body while promoting muscular strength, endurance, and flexibility. "Lengthening while strengthening!" Namaste! (45 or 60 minute format, Yoga+is a 75 minute format)

Are you a high energy person looking for a high energy job that is both fun and rewarding?

Learn how to teach group fitness and cycling classes through a comprehensive training series! No previous experience necessary. Learn how to count music, cue moves, teach multiple formats, and teach proper form and technique. Series serves as a foundation to seek national group fitness certification and prepare you for a semester of team teaching with our current instructors. This training series begins one week before school begins EACH semester AFTER you have been hired.

Rec Sports hires instructors each semester through a multiple-interview process. Whether you are inexperienced or are already an instructor and would like to teach for RecSports, go to the Rec Sports Employment Page for updated hiring timelines, job description and online application.Fall interviews and auditions will take place during early November (to be hired for the Spring semester). Spring interviews and auditions will take place shortly after spring break (to be hired for the Summer/Fall semester).

Personal Training

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WC Weight Room & University Fitness

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Located in the basement of Wells Hall

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