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Wednesday, October 8th Sessions

6:00-6:30pm: Williams Center Athletics & Recreation Tour

Check out the Williams Center - UW-Whitewater's Athletics and Recreation building.
Presenters: UW-Whitewater Staff,Location: Williams Center

6:30-7:15pm: Wheelchair Cornerstone (on-campus at UWW)

"The UW-Whitewater Men’s and Women’s 2014 National Championship Wheelchair Basketball teams will be providing a brief look into the sport at its highest level. Some of the team members will share their stories about overcoming the adversity in their lives to become successful on the court, in the classroom and in life. The presentation will give the observers an opportunity to interact with the athletes in an enlightening questions and answer portion."
Presenters: Jeremy "Opie" Lade - Wheelchair Athletics, UW-Whitewater Men's Head Coach,
Dan Price - Wheelchair Athletics, UW-Whitewater Women's Head Coach
Location: Williams Center, Kachel Gymnasium

Thursday, October 9th Sessions

8:45-10:15am: Welcome and Opening Session!

Welcome to WIRSA 2014! Please gather with your colleagues across the state as we kick-off the WIRSA Conference!

Presenters: Gary Harms - Director of Recreation Sports & Facilities, UW-Whitewater,
Dr. Tom Rios - Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs, UW-Whitewater
Keynote Speaker: Tony Clements - University of Illinois (retired)  Please click here to read Tony's bio

Steve Jobs, the late co-founder, of Apple, the technology giant, was a unique thinker whose ideas, strategies and approaches made Apple into the most successful company in the world. He has been credited with changing seven different industries, including computers, music, animation and publishing. Beyond that his concepts have had a profound effect on how the public purchases produces and services and the level of quality they expect. This presentation parallels Steve Jobs approaches and identifies how related strategies can lead to success on your campus. It exams how process and discipline make us more efficient. This discussion will not be simply about how an organization becomes a great recreational sports unit, but instead how your organization becomes a campus leader.

Location: Aspen 1 & 2

10:30-11:20am: Educational Sessions #1

"How to Use Strategic Planning to Engage Your Staff, Students, and Campus Community"
We all write goals and strategic plans, but how well we connect those to the rest of campus will help determine the ultimate value our institution places on recreation, as well as the overall success of our department. In this presentation, tips and techniques will be delivered in an interactive format so that you can effectively engage your department, students, upper administration, and other stakeholders throughout your strategic planning process.

Presenters: Lori Anda - Director of Recreation, UW-Stout,
Larry Mellinger - Assistant Director of Recreation, UW-Stout
Location: Aspen 1 & 2

"One Big Happy Family – Strategies for Planning a Facility for Recreation, Athletics, Academics, and Community"
The University of Wisconsin – River Falls has begun construction on its expanded Falcon Center. The facility will be adding 162,000 GSF to the existing center and renovating an additional 15,000 SF with a total project cost of $63,500,000. It will be the largest capital investment on the River Falls Campus. So how do you go about planning a large facility like this? What issues arose about sharing facilities? What design innovations were included to facilitate multi-purpose vs use of the facility? These and many other issues will be discussed.

Presenters: Steve Stocker - Director of University Recreation and Sport Facilities, UW-River Falls,
Erik Kocher - Principal, Hastings & Chivetta Architects, Inc
Location: Alder 1

"NIRSA 101"
You’re here, now what? Start your conference off right by attending NIRSA 101. At this session you will learn how to be an advocate for advancement of recreation, sport, and wellness. This is an excellent opportunity for you as a student or as a young professional to get involved with NIRSA. This interactive presentation will also give you the opportunity to brush up on your leadership skills and network with peers! Engagement Coordinators are highly encouraged to attend.

Presenters: Jessica Adkisson - Graduate Assistant, Ball State University,
Olivia Butts - Graduate Assistant, Illinois State University & Illinois State Student Leader,
Samantha Rodenburg - Student, UW-La Crosse & Wisconsin State Student Leader
Location: Alder 2

"Incentive Based Fitness Programming for Students"
Incentive-based fitness programming is not a new concept; however the ideas and programs that are used as incentives must continuously evolve to keep college students engaged in fitness programming. Incentives are the motivational tools that help attract and engage participants to achieve a goal.

Presenters: Beth Northuis - Health and Fitness Specialist, UW-Steven's Point
Location: Alder 3

11:30am-12:20pm: Educational Sessions #2

"Planning for the Future: A Closer Look at How to Develop and Realize a Long Term Plan for Your Rec Department"
This presentation will give insights into how university recreation departments and students can team together to improve or expand their future campus recreation facilities through a comprehensive master planning process. Recreation leaders from UWStevens Point and UW-Madison will shed light on their student engagement process, facility planning to address existing shortcomings of their programs, and about preparing for a referendum vote. This session will provide a closer look at steps needed to make the “wants and dreams” for university recreation departments into a tangible action plan. strategic planning process.

Presenters: Jeff Piette - Principal/Team Leader, Kahler Slater, Inc,
Ed Richmond - Campus Activities & Recreation Coordinator, UW-Steven's Point
John Horn - Recreational Sports Director, UW-Madison,
Mike Warren - Recreational Sports Senior Associate Director, UW-Madison
Location: Aspen 1 & 2

"The Brain Behind the Workout: How Exercise Psychology Can Help You Build Successful Programs"
Do you ever wonder why our recreation users choose to work out or why they choose to not ever enter the building? Come and learn the psychology behind why we choose to become physically active and the barriers that stand in the way our users. With this knowledge in hand, we can break down these obstacles with outstanding programming and get those potential users in the door!

Presenters: Emily Buelow - Graduate Assistant, Southern Illinois-Edwardsville,
Location: Alder 1

"Leadership Think Tank"
This presentation will be a guided discussion to explore ways to build high-impact leadership opportunities for both students and professional staff. What does leadership mean to your department? How does your student development practices reflect onto the leaders within your staff? Join us in discussing these and other leadership issues affecting campus recreation. Please come prepared to share and discuss your leadership development successes and failures as well as any new leadership development your department is doing!

Presenters: Olivia Butts - Graduate Assistant, Illinois State University,
Jenny Larson - Sports Club & Events Coordinator, UW-La Crosse
Location: Alder 3

"Pardon the Interruption, But This …Is…Intramural Officials Training"
What issues do you encounter with Intramural Officials Training? Getting the word out? Finding qualified staff? Running a comprehensive clinic? In a true beat the clock PTI format, presenters and attendees will have time to address different training techniques, training stories, and a special focus on how to involve your students. Bring your questions and best practices to help each other and any training materials that you are willing to share.

Presenters: Jim Baker - Intramural Coordinator, UW-Milwaukee,
Location: Alder 1

1:30-2:20pm: Educational Sessions #3

"Maximizing Millennials Potential"
This presentation will offer an alternative method and strategies to deal with training and getting new student employees to take more pride in their work and the mission of Recreational Sports

Presenters: Shannon Bustillos - Assistant Director of Recreational Sports, Marquette University,
Mike Cosgrove - Office Coordinator of Recreational Sports, Marquette University
Location: Aspen 1 & 2

"Being A Student Leader is Hard! Learn to Be a “Boss” on Your Campus!"
This student led discussion will take on topics such as peer leadership, challenges facing student employees, and how to establish yourself as a student leader. There are many barriers and challenges facing student leaders on campus and we will discuss how to overcome them. Student attendees will learn how to be a “Boss” when dealing with peers and conflict management.

Presenters: Casey Pivonka - Intramural Sports Coordinator, UW-Green Bay,
Jordan Olson - Intramural Sports Coordinator, UW-Stout
Maximus Nimmo - Student, UW-Green Bay,
Adam Fagerstrom - Student, UW-Stout
Location: Alder 1

"The Impact of Wellness Integration on Collegiate Campus Recreation"
The one-stop shop emphasis on holistic wellness feeds into the new NIRSA wellness model which the Health & Wellbeing Commission has been developing over the past few years. See how small colleges have approached the wellness integration concept, learn how it ties into NIRSA wellness model and identify potential integrated wellness initiatives on your campus.

Presenters: Erin Buenzli - Director for Wellness and Recreation, Lawrence University,
Adrian Shepard - Recreation Management Program Faculty, Madison College
Location: Alder 2

"Incorporating Technology into Campus Recreation for Student Employees and Patrons!"
Come learn about a few ways UWEC has incorporated technology into our campus recreation department. In particular, we will focus on teach you about the FREE features Google has to offer through sites, docs, and calendars to help keep your department organized and environmentally friendly! In addition, come learn about the new app that our department has launched in an attempt to promote University Recreation and Sports Facilities.

Presenters: Mallory Gohl - Sport Facilities Operations Manager, UW-Eau Claire,
Sheryl Poirier - Events and Marketing Coordinator, UW-Eau Claire,
Megan Mulligan - McPhee/Olson Building Manager, UW-Eau Claire
Location: Alder 3

2:30-3:00pm: Students Only Session

"Communicating Effectively in the Modern Day"
these messages create and facilitate communication, are we communicating effectively? Effective communication is more than just the exchanging of information. Students will have the opportunity to learn barriers which inhibit communication and strategies to advance their communications skills through an interactive learning activity. This team building exercise will challenge students to use effective communication skills to accomplish their objective.

Presenters: Samantha Rodenberg - Student, UW-La Crosse & Wisconsin State Student Leader
Location: Alder 3

Friday, October 10th Sessions

9:00-9:50am: Educational Sessions #4

"Adventures in Team Building"
Join us for a creative, active, and fun session on helping your staff work better together using team building and experiential activities. Be prepared to move around and be active!

Presenters: Ed Richmond - Campus Activities & Recreation Coordinator, UW-Steven's Point,
Jenny Larson - Sport Clubs & Events Coordinator - UW-La Crosse
Location: Aspen 1 & 2

"How To Develop a Semester Long Group Personal Training Program"
Have you ever wanted to host a semester long fitness program geared towards developing a healthy lifestyle, but weren’t sure where to begin? Well, this is the presentation for you! Learn how to create a budget proposal and prize system while empowering Personal Trainers and tapping into the campus network – in short, learning the steps to generating a program of your own.

Presenters: Chrisanna Colletta - Fitness Coordinator, UW-Green Bay,
Alex Stenner - Student, UW-Green Bay
Location: Alder 1

"Video Marketing Strategies"
When used correctly, video production can be an excellent form of marketing that appeals to all ages. This presentation will go through the video production process, highlight video marketing strategies that have been successful for UW-Whitewater Intramural Sports, and offer future ideas that can be implemented on other campuses. At the end of this presentation, attendees will have a better understanding of video production and specific ways they can use videos at their respective recreational programs.

Presenters: Dan Hagenow - Student Intramural Advertising/Marketing Coordinator, UW-Whitewater,
Kyle Martinelli - Student Intramural Supervisor, UW-Whitewater
Location: Alder 2

"The Carrot Principle"
From the book The Carrot Principle, we will take a closer look at how recognition inspires results in every age group, career level, and culture

Presenters: Chad Schultz - Coordinator of Competitive Sports, UW-Madison,
Location: Alder 3

10:00-10:50am: Roundtable Discussions

Join Professionals currently working in the Intramural and Club Sports (Sport Club) field and Students interested in the Intramural and Club Sports (Sport Club ) field for a Roundtable Discussion."

Presenters: James Friel - Assistant Director of Intramural & Club Sports,
Location: Aspen 1 & 2

"Join Professionals and Students from Wisconsin in a discussion about Fitness and the role it plays on campus"

Presenters: Jen Kaina - Assistant Director of Aquatics & Fitness,
Location: Alder 1

"Join all the Directors and Facility Professionals from campuses in Wisconsin to talk about what it takes to be the person in charge and how to be so awesome!"

Presenters: Gary Harms - Director of Recreation Sports, UW-Whitewater,
Location: Oak Board Room

11:00am-12:00pm: Member Connection & WIRSA Business Meeting

Come join your colleagues from across the state as we close the 2014 WIRSA Conference with updates from around the State, Region III, and NIRSA.
Presenters: Mike Warren - Recreational Sports Senior Associate Director, UW-Madison & WIRSA State Director,
Samantha Rodenberg - Intramural Student Supervisor, UW-La Crosse & WIRSA State Representative
Jessica Adkisson - Graduate Assistant, Ball State University & Region III Student Leader Location: Aspen 1 & 2

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