Class Schedule

Fall 2018 Schedule

Session 2 October 28th - December 11th

Class Descriptions

Below the Belt:

  • This 30 minute class follows the format of Group Strength but targets the lower body. It is designed to tone and tighten everything below the belt!

Core 360: Video Demonstration

  • This FREE 15 minute abs class is open to everyone. A fun and challenging way to tighten and tone your tummy!

Cycling: Video Demonstration

  • Come and get the workout of your life! This class is designed to push you to the limit of your cardiovascular fitness. Low-impact, but high intensity! Water bottles are required. Located in the University Fitness Center, basement of Wells Hall. Reservations are highly recommended. (60 minute format) *Call ahead to reserve a spot: 262.472.1260*

Group Strength: Video Demonstration

  • New to strength training or looking to CHANGE UP your CURRENT ROUTINE? Group Strength offers a non-intimidating environment to help shape your body! (45 minute format)

Insanity®: Video Demonstration

  • A fun filled, action packed cardio based, total-body conditioning workout that provides a wide range of modifications for all levels of fitness. (30 minute format)

Meditation: Video Demonstration

  • Calm your mind, settle your body and find a softer focus to your day in this 20-30 minute guided meditation session. All experience levels are welcome as we transcend into a deep rest while bringing your mind to higher state of self-awareness, recharging yourself mentally and physically.

PiYo™: Video Demonstration

  • An athletic blend of Yoga, Pilates, strength conditioning, flexibility and dynamic balance movements and poses. (60 minute format)

Step: Video Demonstration

  • Whether you are a beginner or an advanced stepper, this tried and true fitness staple uses basic to advanced step moves to challenge all levels of participants. (45 minute format)

Total EXHAUST: Video Demonstration

  • This functional strength class offers a challenging and motivational environment to push your body to its limits! (45 minute format)

Total TRX®:

  • This 45-minute class combines TRX suspension training with cardio circuits for an exciting, well-rounded workout. Prepare for a class that will help improve strength, balance, flexibility, core stability and endurance!

Triple Threat: Video Demonstration

  • This new format combines 20 minutes of strength training, with 20 minutes of high intensity cardio and sport based movements, followed by 20 minutes of Yoga. (60 minute format)

TRX® Suspension Trainer: Video Demonstration

  • TRX® leverages gravity and body weight, activating your core to help strengthen and increase range of motion throughout your body. *User's hands and feet are supported by a single anchor point while the opposite end of the body is in contact with the floor.* (45 minute format)
  • The most outrageously fun class that takes Kickboxing to a whole new level! Specially choreographed music and routines allow for an easy to learn workout that is challenging and upbeat. (45 minute format)

Yoga: Video Demonstration

  • Connect your mind and body while promoting muscular strength, endurance, and flexibility. "Lengthening while strengthening!" Namaste! (45 or 60 minute format, Yoga+is a 75 minute format)


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