Get Paid

Student employees are paid every other week by a deposit made directly to their bank account. Your hiring manager will train you on how to use the Human Resource System (HRS) to enter and verify your work hours (please work with your hiring manager to ensure that the information is accurate). For assistance with how to clock in/out, please visit 

Earning Statements

All active HRS employees may get copies of their earning statements via their My UW System Portal at The earning statements are located under the Earning Statements tab in the Payroll Information section. 

Wage Scale

The hourly wage for student employees ranges from $7.25 per hour to $13.00 per hour based on classification and job duties.  There are three classification levels for student jobs:


  • Minimum or no experience
  • Close supervision with assistance readily available
  • Limited independent decision-making
  • Work is routine and not complex
  • Duties are performed independently after training
  • Responsibility is limited to task performance


  • Relevant job-related skills or training and/or prior experience necessary
  • Some independent judgment and initiative within limits
  • Supervisory responsibilities for limited activities
  • Work of moderate difficulty and complexity requiring exercise of discretion
  • Application of specialized knowledge, and less procedural in nature to the total operation.


  • Advanced level of skills, training, and/or job-related experience
  • Receives only general supervision
  • Involves supervisory responsibilities for large or complex activities
  • Considerable problem solving and decision-making
  • Significant consequence for error
  • Responsible for specialized activity or whole operation
  • May develop or recommend operating policy procedures