Find a Job

Hawk Jobs is UW-Whitewater's online job board for students. Hawk Jobs includes student jobs as well as internships and jobs after graduation for most majors. Campus departments are asked to post available student jobs on Hawk Jobs so that students are aware of the employment opportunities across campus. Hawk Jobs is easy to use. To get started, check out this video.

On-Campus Jobs

UW-Whitewater employs approximately 2,500 students in a wide variety of roles. There are two main categories of on-campus positions, based on type of pay: Regular Pay positions and Work Study positions.

Regular Pay

The majority of student employees on campus fall into this category. Regular Pay means that the student does not receive Federal Work Study.

Work Study

Federal Work Study is a need-based aid program that is awarded to students who have demonstrated financial need. This program is available to citizens or permanent residents of the United States. Students who receive a Federal Work Study allocation as part of their financial aid package are eligible to apply for Work Study jobs on campus. Students can earn up to the amount listed on their award letter. Individuals with questions about Work Study should contact the Financial Aid Office.

Working for Chartwells

Chartwells, the company that provides dining services for our campus, also employs several hundred students on campus. While these jobs are conveniently located on campus, students hired by Chartwells are not employed by UW-Whitewater and are paid directly by Chartwells. Therefore, Chartwells student employees are unabie to claim Federal Work Study allocation.

Off-Campus Jobs

The Off-Campus Jobs posted on Hawk Jobs are jobs located within the region for students during the school year or seasonal jobs out of the area for the summer months. Area employers are encouraged to forward their job postings to Hawk Jobs for viewing by students.