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Courses That Incorporate Sustainability

There are a number of courses at UW-Whitewater that incorporate sustainability. In some courses, sustainability is a primary focus of the class or used as a lens to understand a particular subject area. In other courses, sustainability is not the primary focus but the class includes one or more sustainability activities or integrates sustainability issues throughout the class. For an inventory of sustainability-focused courses at UW-Whitewater, please downlaod our sustainability course list.

Sustainability Immersive Experience

Students also have an opportunity to learn about sustainability concepts within a global context with valuable first-hand experiences through various travel study opportunities.  Some of those offered in the past include:

  • SAFETY/MANAGEMENT 491:  Sustainable Business in the Caribbean
  • ITSCM/GEOGRAPHY 491/691:  Thailand:  International Sustainability
  • Three MBA students spent a summer in Singapore working as interns with the Singapore-Delft Water Alliance at the National University of Singapore.
  • Travel study trip to Ireland allowed students to attend a lecture by Own McIntyre, an expert on international water law at University College in Cork.  They also visited the IBM Water Managment Cetre of Excellence in Dublin.

Savanna Project Faculty Training Program

The Savanna Project is a training and discussion forum for expanding the role of sustainability in teaching and learning on the UW-Whitewater campus. The goal is for each participating faculty member to modify a syllabus of an existing course to incorporate a sustainability concept relevant to their discipline and class topic. Modifications could include (but certainly not limited to): incorporating new readings, adding case material, identifying guest lectures, or collaborating with other colleagues.  An overview presentation of our program is available here.

If you are a faculty member interested in participating in future offerings of this program, please contact Wesley Enterline.

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