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Weekly Meal Plans

For the 2023-2024 academic year, students have the opportunity to choose from 10, 14, 19, or 24 meals per week, plus $50 or $100 Add-on Dining Dollars. Add-on Dining Dollars provide extra meals, snacks, or food from any of the on-campus dining locations.


The 24 Meal Plan

  • Students can eat during 24 of the 28 meals offered each week.

  • Designed for the student who regularly eats 3-4 meals a day and/or will stay on campus most weekends each semester.

  • Offers the lowest average cost per meal.

The 19 Meal Plan

  • Students can eat during 19 of the 28 meals offered each week.

  • Designed for the student who regularly eats 2-3 meals a day and/or will stay on campus most of the weekends each semester.

The 14 Meal Plan

  • Students can eat during 14 of the 28 meals offered each week.

  • Designed for students who regularly eat 2 meals a day and/or stay on campus about half of the weekends each semester.

  • This is the most commonly chosen plan by UW-W students.

The 10 Meal Plan

  • Students can eat during 10 of the 28 meals offered each week.

  • Designed for students who are light eaters, 1-2 meals per day, or for those students who go home most weekends.

Note: Students will have two Dining Dollar options, $50 or $100—Dining Dollars are a required part of the weekly meal plan.

Meal plan Price per semester + 50 Dining Dollars per semester + 100 Dining Dollars per semester
10 Meal Plan $1384 $1434 $1484
14 Meal Plan $1410 $1460 $1510
19 Meal Plan $1444 $1494 $1544
24 Meal Plan $1480 $1530 $1580

Weekly Meal Plans allows one meal to be eaten during a breakfast and late-night meal period. You may use two meals per lunch and dinner. There are 28 meal periods per week: breakfast, lunch, dinner and late night, seven days a week. 

Meal Periods


Meal Swipes Allowed


7:00 am-11:00 am



11:00 am-4:00 pm



4:00 pm-9:00 pm


Late Night

9:00 pm-12:00 am


A student on a weekly meal plan (10, 14, 19, or 24) has the opportunity to use that number of meals each week. The unused meals do not accumulate or roll over and do not figure into a refund.

Weekly Meal Plans are not available for use during academic break periods; such as Thanksgiving, winter break, and spring break. These academic break periods are not built into the cost of the Weekly Meal Plan.

Dining Dollars and MyMeals are accepted during winter and spring break periods.

Check out UW-W Dining Services for hours of operation.

There are 15 different dining locations across campus, including one location at UW-W Rock County.

Residence Dining - All You Care To Eat locations

To use a Weekly Meal Swipe at an All You Care to Eat location, simply tell the cashier you want to use a meal swipe. The student’s HawkCard will be swiped upon entry and one meal swipe will be deducted from the student’s Weekly Meal Plan account. There are three All You Care to Eat locations on the main campus:

  • Drumlin Dining Hall
  • Esker Dining Hall
  • Ike Schaffer Commons (UC) - Breakfast only


Retail Dining Locations - Meal Exchange

Meal Exchange is a program that allows students the flexibility to use their Weekly Meal Plan across both campuses.  All of our Retail locations are set up in an ‘a la carte’ style. The most common combination includes an entrée, side item, and a drink for one meal swipe. When Meal Exchange is used, one meal swipe will be deducted from the students Weekly Meal Plan account at time of payment. 

Look for the Meal Exchange symbol explaining what combinations equals one meal swipe in each dining location. 
Meal Exchange Icon

If you are purchasing items separately, Dining Dollars can be used instead of, or in addition to a meal swipe (upgrade).

There are some restrictions as to when the Weekly Meal Plan can be used. For information, reference the useful guides section on the UW-W Dining Services website.

While Meal Exchange includes many items on the ‘a la carte’ menus, sometimes students choose items that are not completely covered by the cost of the chosen item(s). We allow students to upgrade their purchase of these higher cost items by using their meal swipe to cover the majority of the cost of the item(s) and then pay the remaining price difference of the upgrade.

The remaining balance can be paid with any form of preferred tender (Dining Dollars, Purple Points, cash or credit/debit card). We offer this benefit to allow students more options and flexibility with the meal exchange program with little cost to them.​

Guest Meals are “bonus meals”  in addition to your Weekly Meal Plan allotment. Guest Meals can be used at any time throughout the semester in our All You Care To Eat dining locations. Guest Meals are not accepted as part of Meal Exchange. Unused Guest Meals do not rollover.

Make sure you let the cashier know you want to use a Guest Meal(s). Both the account holder and guest(s) must be present.

Guest Meal Counts:

10 Weekly Meal Plan = 6 Guest Meals per semester

14, 19, 24 Weekly Meal Plans = 8 Guest Meals per semester

Can students buy more if they run out?

  • Additional Guest Meals cannot be purchased. All on campus dining locations accept cash, credit cards, Dining Dollars and Purple Points.

Can I use my guest swipes on myself if I am out of meals on my weekly meal plan?

  • Both the account holder and guest(s) must be present at time of purchase.

Can I still use my weekly meal plan on my guest if I am out of guest swipes?

  • Your weekly allotment of meal swipes can only be used by the account holder.


Students will automatically be reenrolled with their fall meal plan selection for the spring semester. If a change is needed, please contact the HawkCard Office.

Download our list of important dates for your Weekly Meal Plan! [PDF]

  • There are multiple ways you can check your Weekly Meal Plan balance:
    • Any dining location. The cashier can complete a balance check when asked.
    • Stop by the HawkCard Office
    • Online 
      • Instructions to register and use eAccounts are here.
      • Or use the free “eAccounts” app on your smartphone. 

Yes. Meal plan changes will be accepted during the second and third weeks of fall semester and the first two weeks of spring semester. Changes are effective the following Monday. Changes to a meal plan may be made in person at the HawkCard Office (UC 250) or by using our online change form which is active during the change period.

*Students that are required to have a meal plan but have not signed up for one will automatically be enrolled in the 14 meals per week and $50 Add-on Dining Dollars.