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You can get your physical at UHCS.

Do you need a physical for: sports, employment, praticum or internship, women's health, men's health, study abroad?

Physicals are only $20. If needed, TB skin tests, lab tests, and many immunizations also available for an additional charge.

UHCS provides the benefits of short wait times and the convenience of staying on campus.

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UHCS is open over semester break.

UHCS will be open all week days over break, 8:00-4:30 except January 1, Martin Luther King Day, Memorial Day, December 24, 25, 31.

All students enrolled in the Fall semester, including December graduates can receive health services through the friday before Spring semster starts.

Our professional staff of physicians and nurse practitioners are here to meet your health needs. The same services are available over break including:

  • Diagnosis and treatment for illness and injury
  • Physicals including Pap tests
  • Family planning waiver services (Forward Health card)
  • Diagnosis and treatment for STI's

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You can receive individualized help to quit using tobacco products.

Students, staff and faculty can receive free individualized help from a tobacco cessation expert by calling for an appointment.

The first session helps you identify your triggers and develop a comprehensive quit plan encompassing several strategies. Prescription medication can be dispensed to students for a reasonable fee.

E mail follow up to give support and problem solve is offered. Follow up in person support sessions may also be scheduled.

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An immunization tp help prevent the flu is available at UHCS.

The flu can cause you to feel awful for over a week, missing classes and fun times with friends. So everyone needs to be immunized.

It is critical that people at high risk, those with long term health problems, get immunized to prevent serious complications.

Walk In Flu Shot Clinics will be announced on our website.

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You can recieve health services at UHCS over the summer.

If you are a student this spring, you can receive health services over the summer, even if you graduate.

If you graduate in May, you can receive health services for no additional fee through the first Monday in June. To continue services through September 1 there is a summer fee.

If you are enrolled for the fall, but not the summer, you can receive health services for no additional fee through the first Monday in June. To continue services through August 1 there is a summer fee.

If you are enrolled in summer session, you can receive health services for no additional fee through September 1.

Students can pick up refills of birth control prescribed through UHCS without paying the summer fee.

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UHCS has affordable contraception.

Contraceptives, exams and lab tests are FREE for students who are enrolled in the Medicaid Family Planning Only Services Program. For students not in the Family Planning Waiver Program there are reasonable fees. Call for an appointment.

Students can buy condoms 5/$1.00 at the Health Services. No appointment is necessary.

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You have access to health experts even when you aren't ill.

Do you need to interview a health expert for your class project? Call 262-472-1300 for an interview.

Do you need a speaker for your class, residence hall or student organization? Email

Are you looking for reliable health information online? Start at

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UHCS can help you stay healthy when you travel.

Receive personalized travel health advice tailored to your:

  • Travel destination
  • Activities on the trip
  • Personal health history

UHCS Travel Medicine Services include:

  • Immunizations
  • Medications to take with you
  • Information on the safety of local food and water
  • Personal safety precautions

There is no charge for the office visit. There are reasonable fees for immunizations, medications and lab tests, as needed. Don't delay! Plan ahead! It is best to come in 2 months prior to travel.

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UHCS/Ambrose Health Center is located right on campus for your convenience.

Ambrose Health Center is conveniently located on campus next to the bookstore across the parking lot from Winther Hall. You don't need to travel to access high quality health services that are geared to the unique needs of college students. Visit the college health specialists at UHCS the next time you need health care. Appointments are highly recommended.

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Immunization is the most important thing you can do to prevent death or disability.

To prevent disease get vaccinated before you are exposed! Don't know your immunization status? We can help! Call Health Services at 472-1300 for an appointment for a free immunization review. Let us help you find the information and fill out a wallet card you can carry with you so you always know anywhere, anytime.

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You can have you lab work done right on campus.

We do so much more than tests for strep throat, bladder infections, STI's, and mono! Do you have diabetes, high cholesterol, a need for on-going lab tests? Not only does our accredited laboratory assist our health care providers in evaluating your concerns BUT also does tests ordered by your health care provider back home. The results can be faxed to your provider and you can stay here!

If you don't have insurance coverage, UHCS is an inexpensive option for many lab tests. If you do, check with your insurance company for what they will cover.

Call Health Services at 472-1300 for an appointment with a provider or for more information. For information on all of our services go to

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If you call early, you can get a health appointment the same day.

Can't get home to your health care provider? Can't get an appointment back home for 3 weeks? Don't have a health provider? Call early and be flexible and we can make an appointment for you the SAME DAY. We schedule appointments with Nurse Practitioners and Physicians depending on your health concern. You can specify a particular provider and still usually be seen within 2 days.

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