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Business Assistance

Starting a business can be a challenging process. There are nationwide resources available for entrepreneurs who are looking for affordable assistance.

Small Business Development Center

Small Business Development Centers (SBDC), as part of a nationwide network, provide high-impact, results-based consulting and training services to business owners and entrepreneurs with up to 500 employees. In today's economic environment, SBDCs are forging ahead to partner with new, established, growing, and forward-thinking businesses as they navigate the waters of change. Through targeted training, clients learn how to launch businesses, stabilize established ventures and take their companies to the next level. Grants are available to assist with the cost of some training. Small business owners pay no fee to meet with SBDC consultants. In-depth projects such as facilitated innovation and matchmaking assistance for mergers and acquisitions are fee-based to cover costs.

To find a local SBDC, visit the Association of Small Business Development Centers to search by zip code.