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Economics Department Mission Statement

The mission of the Department of Economics at UW-Whitewater is to foster knowledge through high quality research conducted by our faculty and to convey that knowledge to students through undergraduate and graduate programs. As such, the Department of Economics strives to achieve excellence in research, teaching and service. By doing so, we aim to grow into an undergraduate economics program that is unrivaled within the state of Wisconsin.

Our mission is threefold:

  1. With regards to teaching, we wish to provide our students with the skills and tools needed to enable them to be successful in their chosen careers. As such, we aim to create an academic experience that lays the foundation for their success. By providing quality education at both the undergraduate and graduate level, we hope to prepare them for advanced studies as well as other chosen careers.
  2. With regards to research, we wish to create an environment that
  3.  will enable our faculty to maintain an active and diverse research agenda. By doing so, we seek to attract and retain high quality faculty to the Department. In addition, we aim to allow faculty to lend their expertise to regional, national and international interests, and outreach.
  4. Through service, we aim to foster collegiality, community and outreach, from within the University and beyond. Through these key channels, we aim to advance the reputation of the Department and that of the College of Business and Economics, and the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater.

More Information About Economics

Economists investigate social questions and issues such as efficiency, resource allocation, inflation, unemployment, optimal policy, growth, discrimination, pollution and poverty, among others. In investigating these kinds of problems, an economist typically does many of the following activities:

  • Research and analyze issues and problems
  • Conduct surveys and collect data
  • Analyze data using mathematical models and statistical techniques, often using advanced computational techniques
  • Prepare reports, tables and charts that present research results
  • Interpret and forecast market trends
  • Advise businesses, governments and individuals on market conditions
  • Design policies or make recommendations for solving economic problems

Economics Research at UW-Whitewater

In addition to faculty that are active in research, a large number of our students engage in research through the Fiscal and Economic Research Center and the Undergraduate Research Program at UW-Whitewater. Other students pursue undergraduate research projects through an independent study course for credit (ECON 498), working under the mentorship of a faculty member.

UW-Whitewater defeated Northwestern University and University of Chicago to compete in Fed Challenge national semifinals

Student Success

UW-Whitewater defeated Northwestern University and the University of Chicago to compete in the Fed Challenge national semifinals

Student workers collect survey responses at an area grocery story for for a FERC research project.What makes UW-Whitewater's Economics Program exceptional?

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Student orgs »
  Active student organizations provide opportunities for service, professional development, and interaction among members and industry professionals.

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Faculty »
  The college develops and retains high quality economics faculty who strive for excellence, are current in their fields, and make scholarly contributions.   See open faculty positions »

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Internships »   The best way to gain relevant work experience and obtain career positions is through an internship. Each department in the college maintains information on internships specific to their degrees and majors. Internships are also available through the Fiscal and Economic Research Center. Students interested in FERC opportunities should contact Professor Russ Kashian.

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Career outcomes »   Economics majors have a 100 percent placement rate within six months of graduation.  It is a degree that teaches the economic principles and problem-solving techniques applicable in a variety of positions, and often leads to high-paying jobs.

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Scholarships »   With support by generous donors, the economics department offers numerous scholarship opportunities to students with a declared economics major.

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Student Development »   Experiential learning opportunities, including those available through the Fiscal and Economic Research Center, offer important hands-on experience for students while providing outeach services to members of the regional community.

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