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Race & Ethnic Studies Program

The goal of the Race and Ethnic Studies Program is to prepare students to thrive in a diverse society. The courses are designed to foster students' understanding and appreciation of historically underrepresented racial and ethnic groups in the United States. Class content highlights the many contributions that these groups have made, intentionally fostering the students' ability to think critically about issues of race and ethnicity. Students are guided on the examinations of issues of power, privilege and access relating to the lives of racial and ethnic minority populations within U.S. culture.

Race and Ethnic Studies Minors

In 2016, the Race and Ethnic Studies Program developed 4 new minors and revised the existing general minor to offer greater opportunities for study and inquiry. These new minors will be available for enrollment in August 2017. Please contact Race and Ethnic Studies Coordinator Pilar Melero at melerop@uww.edu for information on enrollment, advising, and program information.

If you are interested in one of the new minors or are interested in receiving additional information regarding one of the new minors, fill out the following information at this link.

African American Studies

American Indian Studies

Asian/Asian American Studies

Latinx/Latin American Studies

Race and Ethnic General Studies

What experiences will I gain from Race & Ethnic Studies at UW-Whitewater?

The Race and Ethnic Studies minor is a wise choice. Why? Take a look around you the classrooms, the streets, the places of business. We live in a diverse world. The fact that we are part of a global economy makes it even more diverse. Race and Ethnic Studies courses deal with diversity. If you combine a Race and Ethnic Studies minor with a major in any other field of study, your preparation for working within our diverse world will be strong, your chances for success high. Our program offers students:

  • The opportunity to be part of a cross-disciplinary program which links well with business, history, biology, sociology, geography, social work, teaching, and many other majors. Every course we teach draws upon knowledge from not just one but several disciplines.
  • A wide variety of skills that are utilized in education, careers, and daily lives, such as critical thinking and writing skills.
  • Strength in knowledge, which helps both individuals and institutions. The Race and Ethnic Studies Program confronts and analyzes the racial and ethnic realities that exist within our world. In this program, we empower students to critically examine controversial political, social, and economic problems.
  • The advantages of small classes, one on one advising, and connection with committed, highly qualified faculty members.
  • Opportunities for research -access to the DuBois Library (Race and Ethnic Studies resources)

Career Options

Students with majors in business, education, social work, public relations, journalism, law, political science, and other disciplines would benefit from a Race and Ethnic Studies minor.

Pilar Melero

Diversity Leadership Certificate

The certificate is designed to allow students, across the disciplines, to engage in in-depth diversity learning around issues of gender, race, ethnicity, class, sexuality and ability. (website) (checklist)

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Race and Ethnic Studies News

February 17, 2017 - New Courses and New and Revised Minors are Official at UW-Whitewater
After months of careful creation and diligent development, the Race and Ethnic Studies Program received final approval for the new program developments. Four new minors and the revised minor will be available for enrollment in August 2017. Four of the eight new courses will be offered in Fall 2017.
Find full descriptions of the new courses in the Course Spotlight page. 

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