Financial Services
UW-Whitewater Accounting Services

Accounting System

UW-Whitewater utilizes a number of different account systems to maintain the integrity of our campus financials.

The purpose of the Cost Transfer Request Tool is to facilitate departmental requests for cost (expense) transers while ensuring the University's requirements are met.  When it is identified that a cost/expense needs to be moved to another funding a Cost Transfer request should be initiated by an initiator.  The Cost Transfer Request Tool is designed to allow the initiator to quickly identify all related transactions and initiate a request with minimal key entry while providing a standard campus process and audit trail.

Peachtree is used to bill customers for services or goods provided by campus departments.  Peachtree is installed directly on campus computers.  If you need access:

SFS is the source for all accounting transactions. Department staff will utilize SFS to submit travel authorizations, expense reports, and for procurement card transactions.

ShopUW+ is the new Procurement and Accounts Payable solution. All purchase orders and check requests are processed throught this system.

  • Approver Page (to be developed)
  • ShopUW+ Essentials - this UW System website provides updates and resources available to campus staff
  • Training Courses - available through Canvas