Financial Services
UW-Whitewater Financial Services staff directory


General Forms

Compliance Form None
Computer Access Request and Authorization None
Corporate Charge Card Application/Information None
Employee Confidentiality Agreement None
Prizes, Awards, & Gifts Included On Form
Prize Tax Acknowledgment Included on Form
Request for Approval for UW Off Campus Event None

Accounting Forms

Change Fund Request Included on Form
Dept (Org) Code Request/Change Form Instructions
Deposit Form Instructions
Employee Reimbursement Form Log in using netid and password.  Then click on Expenses tile; Create Expense Report.
Expense Correction - Non Salary Can be found on our website
Expense Correction - Salary Contact Payroll Office
General Asset Disposal Form Included on Form
Inter-Unit (Campus) Payment Request Form Included on Form
Moving Expense Pre-Approval Form Please print on UW-Whitewater letterhead
Moving Expense Reimbursement Use the Travel Expense Form
Non-Employee E-Reimbursement Setup Form Included on Form
Payments to Individuals Form Attach fully signed agreement to PIR check request form in ShopUW+.  This form can be used for all payments to individuals under $5,000.  Anything over $5,000 please contact Purchasing Department. 
Project Code Request/Change Form Instructions
Property Location Change Form None
Student/Faculty Deposit form None
Transfer Form Included on Form
Travel Expense Report Log in using netid and password.  Then click on Expenses tile; Create Expense Report.
UWW Invoice Contact Financial Services
Work Study/Student Help  Complete SET funding change request.  If you have questions contact the Payroll Office.



Departmental Deposit Form
Scholarship Notice Form
Mail completed form and scholarship check to: PO Box 88 Whitewater WI 53190
Lost Check Affidavit
Mail completed form to: PO Box 88 Whitewater WI 53190

Student-Faculty Deposit Form

Student-Faculty Check Request Form
Form needs to be signed by two officers or an officer and an advisor
Club sports always needs to be signed by the advisor
Student-Faculty Application Form
Student-Faculty Survey Form
Student-Faculty Officer Signature Authorization
Submitting this form supercede's any previous forms submitted
Loan Adjustment Request Form
Request for Change Fund
Bring completed form to the Cashier's office

Procurement Forms

Change Order  Instructions   This form should ONLY be used on the purchase orders entered into  Shared Financial System(SFS) for current fiscal year. 
Food Expense Checklist None
Payment Authorization Form Review training materials on the ShopUW+ Essentials website. 
Printing/Quick Copy None
Procard Application Instructions
Procard Log Form None
Purchase Requisition $5000 and Over Review training materials on the ShopUW+ Essentials website. 
Purchases Under $5000 Review training materials on the ShopUW+ Essentials website. 
Simplified Bid Record Order(s) Between $5,000 and $50,000 and MUST have minimum of three bids.  This MUST be sent to Purchasing Office along with Purchase Order Requisition and Bids.
Sole Source Request Form None
Vendor Information - W-9 Form Instructions for this form are located on the second page of the form.
Vendor Identification Request - Cover Letter for W-9 Send this letter out to vendor with W-9 Form.