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Maintenance Services

Maintenance Services

Campus maintenance operations at UW-Whitewater are organized into three campus units where buildings and operations have similar core functions and hours of operation. The three campus units include academic facilities, university housing facilities, and auxiliary facilities (University Center/Dining). Each unit has specifically assigned maintenance and custodial staff charged with providing routine services. Unit assigned maintenance staff provide first response to all customer calls regarding heating, cooling, plumbing, electrical, mechanical, custodial and minor structural problems. Each unit includes maintenance management who work collaboratively with Building Supervisors to coordinate support services for routine maintenance and projects as applicable. Maintenance management and building supervisor responsibilities are executed by the same person in some cases.

A central maintenance group, administered by Facilities Planning & Management (FP&M) through the Building and Grounds Supervisor and Crafts Supervisor, provides campus-wide services for maintenance, repairs and projects beyond the capacity, expertise and authority of zone maintenance teams. The Landscaping and Grounds Supervisor is also available for any maintenance needs regarding areas outside the buildings. When a building area or room is off-line for maintenance or remodeling, zone maintenance management will work with the associated Building Supervisor to assure program needs are met and information is forwarded to the campus reservations system.

Please contact a Building and Grounds Supervisor and/or Building and Grounds Superintendent for first response to any problems within your building by using the information below. If you have an immediate emergency in the Academic Zone and cannot reach a zone maintenance supervisor or manager, you may call 1320 at any time. To arrange for work or services, put your request on line via the FP&M web site. See Work Requests.

Angel Villalba-Amarilla  is the Residence Life Building and Grounds Superintendent. The Residence Life Facilities office is located in Goodhue, Room 2, telephone #1559, e-mail villalba@uww.edu.

Tom Federer is the University Center Building and Grounds Superintendent. University Center facilities office is located in the James R. Connor University Center, Room #257, telephone #4939, email federert@www.edu. University Center zone buildings include University Center Complex, Drumlin Dining, Esker Dining, Moraine Bookstore, Stadium Service Building, Stadium Press Box, Baseball Concessions, Student Athletic Complex, Williams Center, Kachel Fieldhouse, Lawcon Picnic Shelter, and Visitor's Center.

Dale Blackwell is the Central Maintenance Group and Craftsworker Supervisor. His office is located in the lower level of General Services in Room 106, telephone #6712, e-mail blackwed@uww.edu. He is responsible for providing campus-wide maintenance services as well as remodeling and construction services.

Paul Walton is the Power Plant Superintendent. His office is located in the Heating Plant in Room 205, telephone #6728, e-mail waltonp@uww.edu. He is responsible for steam production and chiller operation systems that provide the heating, ventilation and air-conditioning to campus buildings.

Eric Radkowsky is the Landscaping and Grounds Supervisor. He is located in the lower level of General Services in Room 136A, telephone #6721, e-mail radkowse@uww.edu. Steve's responsibilities include grounds maintenance, litter control, snow removal, furniture/equipment moving and vehicle maintenance.

Services Provided at No Charge

Services provided free of charge include routine repair and preventive maintenance of building interior and exterior surfaces and systems such as:

General Maintenance Housekeeping
Plumbing Elevators
Electrical Mechanical
Heating/cooling (except window A/C) Doors and door locks
Damaged floor/ceiling tiles Snow removal and lawn care

In general, any GPR building surface, fixture or component, which was installed at the time of original building construction (or subsequent state-funded remodeling project), will be maintained at no charge.

Chargeable Services

Other facilities services are available for a fee and include such things as:

  1. Signs/name plates
  2. Replacement key requests
  3. Remodeling
  4. Event set-ups/tear-downs exceeding .5 labor hour
  5. Installation/repair of window air conditioners, data cables, office furniture, lounge equipment, etc.

For more details regarding nonchargeable or chargeable plant services, please refer to the Physical Plant Services Chargeback Policy.

Work Requests

All work is authorized through a work order. To arrange for work or services, put your request on line via the FP&M TMA iServiceDesk. All chargeable work orders must include a ten-digit org code.

Building Safety and Condition Surveys

Maintenance Supervisors and their staff take part in comprehensive safety surveys and building condition tours on an on-going schedule. Each building is thoroughly inspected once every three years. These tours are carried out in conjunction with members of the Campus Safety Committee and members of administrative staff and will enable Zone Supervisors to be fully abreast of all conditions in their respective zone buildings.

Trash Collection & Recycling

The municipal vendor (John's Disposal) collects campus trash and recyclables. All items disposed of are to be properly sorted by the building occupants and placed in receptacles provided by the vendor. It is, therefore, the responsibility of individual building occupants to assure that all trash and recyclables are disposed of in the designated containers provided within each building. In addition, when hauling garbage to dumpster areas, building occupants must again assure that they use appropriate bins and break down all cardboard. The user must do all sorting at the source; it is not strictly a custodial function. If any questions arise regarding trash collection or recycling, contact your Zone Maintenance Supervisor.

Building Hours

FP&M Supervisors will assure academic buildings are opened and secured in accordance with posted building hours.