Student Accounts

Spring Term Due Date

2/2/2018 - Term Due Date - if electing for NO payment plan

  • ALL tuition, housing & meal charges will be due on February 2, 2018, even if the charge does not have a due date assigned

3/2/2018 - 1st installment on payment plan with 1.875% activation fee

3/30/2018 - 2nd and final installment on payment plan

Spring Monthly Billing Due Date


Spring Monthly Billing Due Date


Summer Term Due Date

6/22/2018 - Term Due Date - No payment plan available for summer

Summer Monthly Billing Due Date


Summer Monthly Billing Due Date


Cashiers Office

Terms & Conditions

UW-Whitewater utilizes electronic billing. Billing notifications are sent to students UW-Whitewater email account monthly where there is activity on the account. Please check your email account regularly to avoid missing important information. UW-Whitewater does not mail paper bills.


Student Accounts Office

Hyer Hall Room 110
P.O Box 88 Whitewater, WI 53190
(262) 472-1373 or 1-800-621-7244
Fax: (262) 472-1977 (Include name and student ID #)

Window Hours
Monday thru Friday: 8:00- 4:00 pm