Departments & Majors

Departments & Majors


College of Arts and Communication: 262-472-1934

College of Business and Economics: 262-472-4900

College of Education and Professional Studies: 262-472-1101

College of Letters and Sciences: 262-472-1550

N/A = Not Applicable

ProgramTypeFactsheetFour Year PlanLearning Outcomes
AccountingMajor/MinorFactsheetFour Year PlanLearning Outcomes
AnthropologyMinorFactsheetN/ALearning Outcomes
ArtMajor/Minor/EmphasisFactsheetFour Year Plan 
Art - Art (Art, Art Studio)MinorFactsheetFour Year Plan 
Art - Art EducationEmphasisFactsheetFour Year Plan 
Art - Art Graphic DesignEmphasisFactsheetFour Year Plan 
Art - Art HistoryMinor/EmphasisFactsheetFour Year Plan 
Art - Arts ManagementMinorFactsheetFour Year PlanLearning Outcomes
Art - Fine ArtsEmphasisFactsheetFour Year Plan 
Art - Fine Arts - Graphic DesignEmphasisFactsheetFour Year Plan 
Art - Fine Arts LicensureEmphasisFactsheetFour Year Plan 
Art EducationMajorFactsheetFour Year Plan 
Asian StudiesMinorFactsheetN/A 
Athletic Coaching EducationMinorFactsheetN/ALearning Outcomes
BiologyMajor/MinorFactsheetFour Year PlanLearning Outcomes
Biology - Cell/PhysiologyEmphasisFactsheetFour Year Plan 
Biology - Early Entrance/3yr (BS only)EmphasisFactsheetFour Year Plan 
Biology - Ecology/FieldEmphasisFactsheetFour Year Plan 
Biology - HonorsEmphasisFactsheetFour Year Plan 
Biology - Marine/Freshwater EcologyEmphasisFactsheetFour Year Plan 
Biology - Pre-Biomedical ProfessionsEmphasisFactsheetFour Year Plan 
Biology EducationMajor/Minor Four Year Plan 
Biology Education - Biology (Elementary Ed.)Emphasis   
Biology Education - Cell/PhysiologyEmphasis Four Year Plan 
Biology Education - Ecology/FieldEmphasis Four Year Plan 
Business EducationMajorFactsheetFour Year Plan 
Business Education - Business ComprehensiveEmphasisFactsheetFour Year Plan 
Business Education - Marketing Education ComprehensiveEmphasisFactsheetFour Year Plan 
Business LawMinorFactsheetFour Year Plan 
Certificates Disabilities Studies Certificate - Ron Berger, CoordinatorEmphasisFactsheet  
ChemistryMajor/MinorFactsheetFour Year PlanLearning Outcomes
Chemistry - BiochemistryEmphasisFactsheetFour Year Plan 
Chemistry - HonorsEmphasisFactsheetFour Year PlanLearning Outcomes
Chemistry - Liberal ArtsEmphasisFactsheetFour Year Plan 
Chemistry - Professional ACSEmphasisFactsheetFour Year Plan 
Chemistry EducationMajor Four Year Plan 
CommunicationMajor/MinorFactsheetFour Year Plan 
Communication (Secondary, Elementary)Minor N/A 
Communication Sciences and DisordersMajor/Minor Four Year Plan 
Computer ScienceMajorFactsheetFour Year Plan 
Computer Science (Computer Science, Web Site Development and Admin.)MinorFactsheetN/A 
Counselor EducationMajor/MinorFactsheetFour Year Plan 
CriminologyMajorFactsheetFour Year PlanLearning Outcomes
DanceMinorFactsheetFour Year PlanLearning Outcomes
Dance (Secondary Ed.)Minor N/ALearning Outcomes
Early Childhood EducationMajor Four Year Plan 
Economics (B&E)Major/EmphasisFactsheetFour Year Plan 
Economics (Education - Secondary)Minor N/A 
Economics (L&S)Major/Minor/EmphasisFactsheetFour Year Plan 
Economics EducationMajor/Minor Four Year Plan 
Elementary EducationMajor Four Year Plan 
Elementary Education - Elementary/Middle (1-8)Emphasis Four Year Plan 
English - Education (BSE)Major/Minor Four Year PlanLearning Outcomes
English - English (BA/BS)Major/MinorFactsheetFour Year PlanLearning Outcomes
English - Professional Writing and PublishingMinor/EmphasisFactsheetFour Year PlanLearning Outcomes
English - WritingMinor/EmphasisFactsheetFour Year PlanLearning Outcomes
EntrepreneurshipMajorFactsheetFour Year PlanLearning Outcomes
Environmental ScienceMajorFactsheetFour Year Plan 
Family and Health StudiesMinor N/A 
Film StudiesMinor Four Year PlanLearning Outcomes
FinanceMajor/Minor/EmphasisFactsheetFour Year PlanLearning Outcomes
Finance - Financial PlanningEmphasisFactsheetFour Year PlanLearning Outcomes
Finance - Financial Planning HonorsEmphasisFactsheetFour Year Plan 
Finance - HonorsEmphasisFactsheetFour Year Plan 
Finance - InsuranceEmphasisFactsheetFour Year PlanLearning Outcomes
Finance - Insurance HonorsEmphasisFactsheetFour Year Plan 
Finance - Real EstateEmphasisFactsheetFour Year PlanLearning Outcomes
Finance - Real Estate HonorsEmphasisFactsheetFour Year Plan 
Forensic ScienceMinorFactsheetN/A 
FrenchMajor/MinorFactsheetFour Year Plan 
French EducationMajor/Minor Four Year Plan 
Gender and Ethnic StudiesMinor N/ALearning Outcomes
General BusinessMajor/Minor/EmphasisFactsheetFour Year Plan 
General Business - InternationalEmphasisFactsheetFour Year Plan 
General ManagementMajor/MinorFactsheetFour Year PlanLearning Outcomes
General Science Elementary EducationMinor N/A 
GeographyMajor/Minor/EmphasisFactsheetFour Year PlanLearning Outcomes
Geography - Geography (Environmental Studies, Geography, GIS)MinorFactsheetN/A 
Geography - GeologyEmphasisFactsheetFour Year Plan 
Geography - International/RegionalEmphasisFactsheetFour Year Plan 
Geography - Physical/EnvironmentalEmphasisFactsheetFour Year Plan 
Geography - Quantitative/TechniqueEmphasisFactsheetFour Year Plan 
Geography - Urban/SuburbanMinor/EmphasisFactsheetFour Year Plan 
Geography (Education - Elementary)Minor N/A 
Geography EducationMajor/Minor Four Year Plan 
GermanMajor/MinorFactsheetFour Year Plan 
German EducationMajor/Minor Four Year Plan 
Health (Health Promotion, Health Education)MinorFactsheetN/ALearning Outcomes
HistoryMajor/Minor/EmphasisFactsheetFour Year PlanLearning Outcomes
History - HonorsEmphasisFactsheetFour Year Plan 
History - Public HistoryEmphasisFactsheetFour Year Plan 
History - Public History HonorsEmphasisFactsheetFour Year Plan 
History (Elementary, Secondary)Minor N/A 
History EducationMajor/Minor Four Year Plan 
Human Resources ManagementMajor/MinorFactsheetFour Year PlanLearning Outcomes
Human Services FoundationsMinor N/A 
Individually Designed (A&C)Major/Minor   
Individually Designed (L&S)Major/Minor   
Information Technology InfrastructureMajor/MinorFactsheetFour Year Plan 
Integrated Science/Business (BBA)MajorFactsheetFour Year PlanLearning Outcomes
Integrated Science/Business (BBA) - Water ResourcesEmphasisFactsheetFour Year PlanLearning Outcomes
Integrated Science/Business (BS)MajorFactsheetFour Year Plan 
Integrated Science/Business (BS) - Water ResourcesEmphasisFactsheetFour Year Plan 
International BusinessMajor Four Year Plan 
International Business - MinorMinor Four Year Plan 
International StudiesMajor/MinorFactsheetFour Year PlanLearning Outcomes
International Studies - BusinessEmphasisFactsheetFour Year PlanLearning Outcomes
International Studies - Foreign Language and Area StudiesEmphasisFactsheetFour Year PlanLearning Outcomes
International Studies - International EconomicsEmphasisFactsheetFour Year PlanLearning Outcomes
International Studies - Public DiplomacyEmphasisFactsheetFour Year PlanLearning Outcomes
Japanese StudiesMajor/MinorFactsheet  
JournalismMajor/MinorFactsheetFour Year Plan 
Latin American StudiesMinor N/A 
Leadership and Military ScienceMinor N/A 
Legal StudiesMinorFactsheetN/A 
Liberal StudiesMajor/MinorFactsheetFour Year Plan 
Library Media (K-12, Public-Special)MinorFactsheetN/A 
MarketingMajor/Minor/EmphasisFactsheetFour Year Plan 
Marketing - Direct and Internet MarketingEmphasisFactsheetFour Year Plan 
Marketing - Integrated Marketing CommunicationsMinorFactsheetFour Year Plan 
Marketing - Professional SalesEmphasisFactsheetFour Year Plan 
Marketing - Professional Selling CertificateEmphasisFactsheetFour Year Plan 
MathematicsMajor/MinorFactsheetFour Year Plan 
Mathematics - AppliedEmphasisFactsheetFour Year Plan 
Mathematics - ComputerEmphasisFactsheetFour Year Plan 
Mathematics - Mathematics (Mathematics, Actuarial Science)MinorFactsheetN/A 
Mathematics - PureEmphasisFactsheetFour Year Plan 
Mathematics - StatisticsEmphasisFactsheetFour Year Plan 
Mathematics EducationMajor/Minor Four Year Plan 
Mathematics Education - Mathematics (Elementary, Secondary)Minor N/A 
Media Arts and Game DevelopmentMajor/MinorFactsheetFour Year PlanLearning Outcomes
Media Arts and Game Development - Communication/GamingMinor/EmphasisFactsheetFour Year Plan 
Media Arts and Game Development - TechnologyEmphasisFactsheetFour Year Plan 
Media Arts and Game Development - Visual Media DesignMinor/EmphasisFactsheetFour Year Plan 
MusicMajor/Minor/EmphasisFactsheetFour Year PlanLearning Outcomes
Music - Music EducationEmphasisFactsheetFour Year PlanLearning Outcomes
Music - PerformanceEmphasisFactsheetFour Year Plan 
Music - Theory/HistoryEmphasisFactsheetFour Year Plan 
Occupational & Environmental Safety & HealthMajor/Minor/EmphasisFactsheetFour Year PlanLearning Outcomes
Occupational Safety - Construction SafetyEmphasisFactsheetFour Year Plan 
Occupational Safety - Environmental ManagementMinor/EmphasisFactsheetFour Year Plan 
Occupational Safety - Occupational ErgonomicsEmphasisFactsheetFour Year Plan 
Philosophy Minor N/A 
Physical EducationMajorFactsheetFour Year Plan 
Physical Education - Health, Human Performance and RecreationEmphasisFactsheetFour Year PlanLearning Outcomes
Physical Education - K-12EmphasisFactsheetFour Year PlanLearning Outcomes
PhysicsMajor/MinorFactsheetFour Year PlanLearning Outcomes
Physics - EngineeringEmphasisFactsheetFour Year Plan 
Physics - Graduate SchoolEmphasisFactsheetFour Year Plan 
Physics - IndustryEmphasisFactsheetFour Year Plan 
Physics EducationMajor/Minor Four Year Plan 
Political ScienceMajor/MinorFactsheetFour Year Plan 
Political Science - HonorsEmphasisFactsheetFour Year Plan 
Political Science - Peace and Justice StudiesMinorFactsheetFour Year Plan 
Political Science EducationMajor/Minor Four Year Plan 
Pre-Professional - ChiropracticEmphasisFactsheet  
Pre-Professional - DentistryEmphasisFactsheet  
Pre-Professional - LawEmphasisFactsheet  
Pre-Professional - MedicineEmphasisFactsheet  
Pre-Professional - OptometryEmphasisFactsheet  
Pre-Professional - PharmacyEmphasisFactsheet  
Pre-Professional - Veterinary MedicineEmphasisFactsheet  
PsychologyMajor/Minor/EmphasisFactsheetFour Year Plan 
Psychology - Psychological Sciences Graduate SchoolEmphasisFactsheetFour Year Plan 
Psychology - Psychology (Psychology, Business)MinorFactsheetN/A 
Psychology - Scientist-Practicioner Graduate SchoolEmphasisFactsheetFour Year Plan 
Psychology EducationMajor/Minor Four Year Plan 
Public Policy & AdministrationMajorFactsheetFour Year Plan 
Public Policy & Administration - Public AdministrationMinorFactsheetFour Year Plan 
Race & Ethnic CulturesMinorFactsheetN/A 
Recreation Leisure StudiesMinorFactsheetN/ALearning Outcomes
Social Studies - Elementary Ed.Minor N/A 
Social Studies-BroadfieldMajor Four Year Plan 
Social WorkMajorFactsheetFour Year Plan 
SociologyMajor/Minor/EmphasisFactsheetFour Year PlanLearning Outcomes
Sociology - Global Comparative StudiesEmphasisFactsheetFour Year PlanLearning Outcomes
Sociology - HonorsEmphasisFactsheetFour Year PlanLearning Outcomes
Sociology EducationMajor Four Year Plan 
SpanishMajor/MinorFactsheetFour Year Plan 
Spanish EducationMajor/Minor Four Year Plan 
Special EducationMajor/MinorFactsheetFour Year PlanLearning Outcomes
Special Education - Cross-Categorical Emphasis in CDEmphasisFactsheetFour Year Plan 
Special Education - Cross-Categorical Emphasis in LD/EBDEmphasisFactsheetFour Year Plan 
Supply Chain and Operations ManagementMajorFactsheetFour Year Plan 
Supply Chain and Operations Management EmphasisEmphasisFactsheetFour Year Plan 
Teaching ESLMinor N/ALearning Outcomes
Teaching ESL for AdultsMinor N/ALearning Outcomes
Teaching ESL/Bilingual-BiculturalMinor N/ALearning Outcomes
TheatreMajor/Minor/EmphasisFactsheetFour Year PlanLearning Outcomes
Theatre - Arts ManagementMinorFactsheetFour Year Plan 
Theatre - Design/TechnologyEmphasisFactsheetFour Year PlanLearning Outcomes
Theatre - Management/PromotionEmphasisFactsheetFour Year PlanLearning Outcomes
Theatre - PerformanceEmphasisFactsheetFour Year PlanLearning Outcomes
Theatre - Stage ManagementEmphasisFactsheetFour Year PlanLearning Outcomes
Theatre EducationMajor/Minor Four Year PlanLearning Outcomes
Women's StudiesMajor/MinorFactsheetFour Year PlanLearning Outcomes
World ReligionsMinor N/A 


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