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Growing Biliteracies Series

EXCITING NEWS! Quite a few Heritage Language teachers have contacted us interested in strengthening their reading/literacy skills. We have finalized a series of courses for YOU in cooperation with our Reading and Literacy programs! As with all of our offerings, these will be web-based, you can opt to take these for graduate credit or continuing education CEUs. Participants will be a combination of HL teachers and "typical" literacy/reading teachers.

If you have questions, please contact Dr. Jenna Cushing-Leubner (Certificates in Heritage Language Education Coordinator):

Heritage Language

Bilingual/Biliteracy Teaching Methods
July 2022

Heritage Language

Teaching HL through Language Arts
June & July 2021

Heritage Language

Foundations Reading Teacher

Heritage Language

Reading Across Content Area

Heritage Language

Assessing Literacy to Strengthen Literacy
Fall 2020

Heritage Language

Teaching for Biliteracy
Spring 2020

Certificate in Growing Biliteracies Instructors

Heritage Language Instructors

Jenna Cushing-Leubner
Assistant Professor

Heritage Language Instructors

J. Eik Diggs

Heritage Language Instructors

Jen Lopez

Heritage Language Instructors

Nancy Dominguez-Fret

Heritage Language Instructors

Vicky Xiong-Lor

Heritage Language Instructors

Dr. May Vang

Heritage Language Instructors

Dr. Kelly Hatch

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