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French is the language of fashion and fine cuisine, and it’s also the native tongue of some of the greatest literary, artistic and philosophical influences of all time: Molière, Claude Monet, Victor Hugo, Jean-Paul Sartre and Edith Piaf.

France is a key economic partner to the United States, and a degree in French can help open doors in global organizations that do business with the French-speaking world.

A French major also paves the way for careers in teaching, translation, travel and tourism, and foreign service.

The World Languages and Cultures programs at the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater help students develop into global citizens of the world in a unique, deep and transformative way.

4-year plan


What our French students do

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Participate in undergraduate research using an international travel grant

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Practice French language skills through internships and community service

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Immerse themselves in French culture while studying abroad

Hands-on learning experiences

French majors at UW-Whitewater learn by doing in many ways, including gaining cross-cultural experience and practicing conversational French in various settings:

  • Participate in undergraduate research
  • Work as a tutor or supplemental language instructor to help other students


Study abroad and cultural immersion

French is the official language in 29 countries, and more than 274 million people speak French. One of the most effective ways to gain cultural competency and improve your conversational skills is to immerse yourself in a French-speaking environment. Among our 50+ study abroad/study away options, you’ll find opportunities in:

  • Aix-en-Provence, France
  • Cannes, France
  • Paris, France
  • Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • Meknes, Morocco
  • St. Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands
  • St. Thomas, West Indies


View of the Eiffel Tower.


UW-Whitewater offers a variety of other international experiences, including:

  • Exchange programs
  • International student teaching
  • International service learning
  • Faculty-led travel studies

The Travel Study program involves a semester-long course that culminates with a short-term, faculty-led trip. Options vary between semesters; topics and locations of interest to French majors include Artists and Exiles in Paris, France.

Learn more about our Global Experiences Programs »

Campus and community involvement

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You’ll find student clubs and organizations that offer opportunities for French conversation or cultural interaction.

La Société Française (the French Club) meets weekly and often hosts meals at the French House in Madison and an annual banquet at Bassett House. The club also shows films and holds fundraisers — like crepe sales!

Other related academic and service organizations include:

  • International Student Association
  • Pi Delta Phi (French honor society)
  • Zeta Sigma Chi (a multicultural sorority)

What our graduates do

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Work for multinational corporations and global NGOs

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Take foreign service roles in (or to) French-speaking countries

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Teach high school French

French jobs: What can you do with a degree in French?

UW-Whitewater graduates start their French careers in a variety of industries, including:

  • Education
  • Law
  • International business
  • Governmental service
  • Journalism and media

Many of our world languages majors also continue on to graduate school.

Our faculty

The diverse faculty and instructional academic staff members in UW-Whitewater’s World Languages and Cultures programs include:

  • Respected scholars nationally and internationally
  • Authors bestowed with international awards
  • Distinguished alumni
  • Instructors bestowed with teaching awards

Faculty members also represent many countries including Egypt, Japan, Colombia, Mexico and Spain.

Our French faculty members have been honored for their excellence in teaching and service. They’re also actively publishing in peer-reviewed journals and mainstream media, as well as leading study tours and attending international events like the Cannes Film Festival.


Meet our faculty

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UW-Whitewater’s World Languages and Cultures offerings include the following undergraduate French options:



In addition to UW-Whitewater’s general education requirements, as a French major, you’ll take a variety of basic, intermediate and advanced language courses, as well as elective classes. Here’s an example of available electives:

  • Contemporary French Society
  • French Civilization
  • Readings in Modern French
  • Business French
  • French Translation
  • Special Studies: French Cinema

Students pursuing French education will complete courses and teaching placements required for state certification.

An approved minor is also required to earn a bachelor’s degree in French.

To apply, you’ll complete the UW-Whitewater standard application for admission and indicate your interest in majoring in French.

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If you studied French in high school, you’ll take a placement test to determine the appropriate level for your first UW-Whitewater course. Native/heritage speakers should speak to the program coordinator for placement information.

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