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UW-Whitewater students are now able to access the entire Adobe Creative Cloud Suite from their own devices until May 31, 2020. This program was put into place as a result of the COVID-19 announcement. To install Adobe applications on your personal device, please visit:, sign in to the Adobe website with your UW-W NetID and password, and install the Creative Cloud Desktop Application. If you run into issues, please contact the HelpDesk.

Please note, downloading the Adobe Acrobat Pro Application on your personal device will allow you to sign university forms with an electronic signature.

AAR Personalized Requirement Form

Academic Residency Requirement Waiver Request

Audit Registration Form

Biographical Information Change (Birth Date, Legal Name, Home Address)

Change of Campus Form

Cross Campus Permission Form

Dual Degree - COAC

Dual Degree - COBE

Dual Degree - COEPS

Dual Degree - COLS

Extenuating Circumstances Appeal Form

Excess Credit Appeal Form (165 Credit Appeal)

Grade Report Form

Late Add Request Form

Late Drop Request Form

Major/Minor/Certificate Change Form

Name Change (Legal or Preferred Name)

Repeat Enrollment in 3rd or More Attempt of a Course

Replacement Diploma Request Form

Request for Social Security Number Change

Time Conflict Authorization Form

WINS Late Class Adjustment Form

Withdraw Procedures