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How we access information and experience entertainment has evolved over the years. While our screens have gotten smaller and devices have become more portable, one thing is certain: multimedia storytelling and quality audio, video and design skills are still in demand. 

A Communication degree with an emphasis in Electronic Media will prepare you to work in a variety of roles in media, entertainment, marketing, advertising and other industries that rely on creating content and telling stories.

4-year plan

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Why study Electronic Media at UW-Whitewater?

UW-Whitewater’s Electronic Media program offers extensive hands-on training to equip students for successful careers in today’s technologically advanced and globally focused world. Here are a few reasons our program stands out:

  • You’ll get hands-on experience from your first year; at UW-Whitewater, you don’t need to complete two years of gen-eds before getting your media feet wet!
  • We train students on multiple industry-leading production software programs, while other colleges might focus on a single platform.
  • While some media programs focus primarily on news, at UW-Whitewater you’ll work on a variety of audio and video content, including talk shows, documentaries, music production, public affairs programs and commercials.
  • You’ll gain a global and socio-economic perspective of media issues throughout the program, which will prepare you for careers in our diverse society.

Choose a minor or second major to supplement your education and expand your communication career opportunities.

What our Electronic Media students do

 Video camera graphic on blue background.

Produce television and radio programming

Laptop graphic on green background with musical notes.

Work on music productions and podcasts

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Develop, create and distribute multimedia content

Campus media and agency opportunities

As a Communication major at UW-Whitewater, you can take part in many hands-on learning opportunities, including creator, production and leadership roles at campus media outlets:

  • The Royal Purple– award-winning weekly campus print and online newspaper 
  • UWW-TV– campus cable television station, located in Conover Studio in Andersen Hall
  • WSUW-FM: 91.7 “The Edge” – campus radio station broadcasting throughout the region from a tower atop Hyer Hall


A student interviews Coach Kevin Bullis outside of Perkins Stadium on the UW-Whitewater campus.


You can also lend your Electronic Media skills to client projects at one of our on-campus media agencies:

In addition to gaining career experience, you have the opportunity to earn practicum credit for participation in these media outlets and agencies.

Internships and international experiences


Communication students from UW-Whitewater visit the Blarney Castle in Ireland.


One of the best ways to gain experience and prepare for your career is to learn while doing. Electronic Media majors can do this in several ways:

Learn from media professionals while building your portfolio — and your competence and confidence. An internship, especially one in which you’ll work on a variety of productions or live events, is valuable because you’ll gain experience in many aspects, from writing, directing and talent management to production, design and editing.

Learn more about communication internships

Go on a travel study
You’ll have the chance to take a class which culminates with a related, short-term international trip. Locations, topics and faculty members alternate. For example, Brian Lucas, our director of radio, took students to Ireland following an intercultural communication course.

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What our graduates do

 White graphic of a TV set on a pink bakcground.

News anchors, reporters, producers, video and production editors

 White graphic of a microphone on a purple background.

Radio, web and TV hosts

 Image of two hands shaking hands on a teal background.

Owners of production companies

Electronic Media jobs: Career success

The tangible skills you’ll learn in an Electronic Media program — from shooting and editing video, creating visual graphics, recording audio, and distributing and promoting content — are incredibly valuable, even essential, to organizations beyond the media. This means that, after graduation, our students can lead communication careers at businesses of all kinds, near and far.

 Here are just a few places our recent Communication graduates found careers:

  • Chicago Sun Times
  • The CW (Madison)
  • Discover Mediaworks (Madison)
  • Divine Design & Marketing (Rolling Meadows, Illinois)
  • Drury Design (Glen Ellyn, Illinois)
  • Green Clock Films (Madison)
  • Jellyvision (Chicago)
  • MarketBuzz Promotions (Chicago)
  • NBC 2 (Fort Myers, Florida)
  • Nei-Turner Media Group (Lake Geneva)
  • Raw Media Co (West Covina, California)
  • Third Wheel Entertainment (Chicago)
  • WMTV NBC 15 (Madison)

Our Electronic Media faculty

On our Electronic Media faculty — part of the Department of Communication — you’ll find award-winning journalists, former broadcasting professionals, writers and others who bring a wide range of career and life experience. 

Meet our Department of Communication faculty »

Want to learn more about earning an Electronic Media degree?

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The Communication major offers the following options for Electronic Media:

In addition to UW-Whitewater’s general education requirements, your emphasis in Electronic Media will require a set of core courses, including: 

  • Video Production I: Foundations of Video
  • Audio Production I: Foundations of Audio
  • Video Production II: Media Storytelling
  • Audio Production II: Advance Audio Techniques
  • Media Ethics
  • Media-related writing course (such as Writing for News Media, Screenwriting or Electronic Media Copywriting)
  • Senior Capstone Project

With the help of your advisor and based on your career goals, you’ll also select electives from a variety of other courses across the communication curriculum.

To apply, you’ll complete the UW-Whitewater application for admission and indicate your interest in the Communication major, Electronic Media emphasis.

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