Faculty Senate

About the Faculty Senate

The Faculty Senate represents and conducts the business of the Faculty. It is answerable to the Faculty, and it may refer matters to the whole Faculty for decision.

The main responsibilities of the senate are to act as a liaison between the faculty and the campus administration, to aid in campus planning and academic policies, and to stand as a consultive agency when called upon by the Chancellor.

It generally meets at 2pm on the second Tuesday of each month (Sept-May), and all members of the Faculty are invited to attend meetings.

The Faculty Senate is governed by the Faculty Constitution and the Faculty Bylaws.

Important Update

The Faculty Resolution Regarding Solidarity with Academic Staff and Strategic Budget Reductions was passed unanimously at the Spring All-Faculty Meeting on Feb 18, 2020.


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Questions? Comments?

For comments or questions please e-mail facsenate@uww.edu.

Faculty Senate Chair

David Simmons
(262) 472-1232