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School Social Worker

Supporting students' social, emotional, developmental, and behavioral needs that may get in the way of learning to improve emotional well-being and academic performance.

  • Developing, teaching, and performing intervention strategies to help students achieve academic goals, including 1:1 support and groups
  • Conduct home visits to provide additional support to the student and others in the living environment
  • Master's degree in socail work, field education in school settings, and required courses.  School social work licensure required through the Department of Public Instruction in Wisconsin
  • National recommended ratio: one school social worker per 250 students for the general population, on school social worker per 50 students for students with more intensive needs

Reference: School Social Work Association of America. (2022, June 4). Role of school social worker. 

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Examples of Interventions

  • Work with family members and others in a child's living situation to help support their adjustment, learning, and development
  • Perform home visits for truant students
  • Provide crisis intervention services for students and families and connect them to community resources

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Comprehensive school mental health teams work to address the social/emotional, academic and mental wellbeing of students via culturally-responsive services throughout a continuum of tiers.

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