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Housing Policy

Room Assignment Policy:

University Housing will not discriminate in room or hall assignment on the basis of race, color, religion, disability, sexual orientation, age, national origin, or ancestry. At the time of initial assignment, a reasonable attempt will be made to assign you to a hall based on the preferences listed on the Housing Contract. University Housing reserves the right to change residence hall and / or room assignments, to assign roommates, or to consolidate vacancies by requiring students to move or to receive a new roommate when deemed necessary. University Housing reserves the right to reassign one or both persons when irreconcilable differences occur between roommates or others living in close proximity.

Board of Regents Residency Requirement:

The Board of Regents of the University of Wisconsin System requires that all students with fewer than 60 credits live in university operated residence halls during the academic year. Exceptions are made for those students who are veterans, married, who have graduated from high school more than two years ago, or who have permission to commute from their parent's home, if within the approved commuter radius of 40 miles. A notarized request for commuter status must be filed with University Housing prior to course registration for those students selecting this option. Should you have further questions about this policy, please direct them to University Housing.

University of Wisconsin System COVID-19 Testing Policy:

In compliance with UW System requirements, all students who live in the residence halls are required to be tested weekly.
Students who get tested off-campus will need to report this to the COVID Office. To do so please call the COVID-19 hotline at 262-472-1362 or email

Apply for Housing

Apply for an Exemption to the Housing Requirement

Contract Release Requests:

Apply for a Release from your Housing Contract

Contract Release requests, other than those that are for withdrawing or transferring out from UWW altogether, are reviewed by the Contract Release Review Team.  Please provide as much detail as possible for your appeal to receive full consideration.  Students that do not provide sufficient detail or supporting documentation often will see a denial or delay in a response to their release request.

The Contract Release Review Team meets weekly during the first part of the semester and then on an as needed basis after that and only once a month during the summer months (June-August).  The Review Team will either approve, deny or ask for additional documentation/verification.  It is most helpful in the Review Team's discussions to have as much information and verifying documentation as possible from the student when submitting the request.

Understand that the contract is for a full academic year and if you remain a student at UW-Whitewater, you need to clarify and provide supporting documentation as to what has changed in your circumstances since when the contract was first submitted.

Students are notified of the Contract Release Review Team's decision thru an email to their on campus email account.

Students should not assume that they will be released from the contract until they have received approval.


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