Center for Students with Disabilities

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New Student Request Process Through CSD

It is the student's responsibility to self-identify to CSD, provide documentation that meets documentation guidelines, and request specific services.

NOTE: Pending the receipt of appropriate documentation, the University reserves the right to deny services of accommodations.

  1. Complete the online Application for Accommodation Services (please contact CSD if you need an alternative format).
    1. If you are having difficulties applying through the above link, please click HERE 
    2. If you need assistance nagivating this application, please call us at 262.472.4711 or email us to schedule an appointment with a staff member.
  2. Provide disability documentation, either attached to your application or submitted separately to CSD
    • Read Documentation Guidelines
    • If current documentation is not available or doesn't meet UWW criteria, contact CSD to see if it is necessary to have a qualified professional or clinician complete the  Disability Assessment Form.
    • For housing requests, please use the following forms:
    • Upload any records of accommodations/services provided to you at any previous academic settings (e.g. IEP, Section 504 plan, college service plan, etc.) and any record of accommodations provided for any national standardized exams (e.g. ACT, SAT, GRE, LSAT, etc.). This documentation is helpful but not necessarily sufficient to determine eligibility for services.

    Providing documentation of disability is the responsibility of the student.  Documentation should be recent, relevant and comprehensive and, where appropriate, contain test scores and interpretation (e.g. learning disability reports, audiograms, etc.).  If the original documentation is incomplete or inadequate to determine the extent of the disability or reasonable accommodation, the university has the discretion to require additional documentation.  Any cost incurred in obtaining additional documentation is also borne by the student.  If the documentation is complete but the university desires a second professional opinion, the university bears that cost.

  3. Schedule an appointment for an Intake by calling 262.472.4711 or emailing

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