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Mutual requests for specific individuals are honored when possible. Otherwise, roommates are assigned on the basis of information supplied by the student in their profile on the contract. No room assignments are made on the basis of race, color, religion, disability, sexual orientation, age, national origin, or ancestry.

Although Whitewater is a small town with a relatively low crime rate, everyone should be concerned about personal safety. Residence halls are locked 24 hours a day and students are issued a key to gain access. In addition, the campus is staffed 24 hours a day by a sworn and armed police force.

On the residence hall contract, you will be asked to list your preferences regarding several different types of living arrangements. You are given the opportunity to request the type of hall that you prefer, and every attempt will be made to honor your request.

Link to Bed Loft WebsiteYes. University of Wisconsin - Whitewater partners with Bedloft.com to provide students with a bed loft kit rental program. Renting a loft kit is an easy, affordable way to create additional living space in your room. Students may preorder their loft kit at bedloft.com and have it delivered and assembled in their room before move-in day. Lofts may also be rented on move-in day, but quantities will be limited. Futons are also available through Bedloft.com. Learn how to assemble your futon here. Bedloft.com is endorsed and approved by University of Wisconsin Whitewater. To place your order today, visit bedloft.com.

Mattresses in our residence halls are extra-long (36"x80").

Plenty! Every residence hall offers a constant variety of activities such as dances, movie nights, pizza parties, shopping trips, tournaments, and the opportunity to participate on intramural athletic teams. In addition, Student Entertainment Awareness League(SEAL) and other student organizations feature comedians, musicians, movies, parties and many other activities. Rarely a day goes by without a notable event on campus.

You should lock your room door whenever you are gone. Don't leave cash, jewelry, or other valuable items in the open. To guard against theft, record serial numbers of your personal property and mark all items such as TVs, stereos, cameras, etc. with your name.

Possession or use of illegal drugs on campus is prohibited by state law and university policy. Violators may be subject to serious disciplinary action, as well as criminal action.

No dogs, cats, birds, snakes, gerbils, etc. are allowed in the halls. Fish are the only pets allowed in rooms.

Alcohol is permitted in student rooms in accordance with the Residence Hall Alcohol Policy. Persons under the legal drinking age are not permitted to possess or consume alcohol. Those found in violation of the alcohol statutes may be cited by the University Police. Students may be cited for underage drinking, misrepresentation of age, underage possession of alcohol, and providing alcoholic beverages under the legal drinking age. Students who violate the alcohol policy will also go through the University Housing Conduct System.

In case of an emergency, contact any Resident Assistant(RA) or Complex Director immediately. A hall staff member is on duty in your building every night. University Police can also be notified in emergencies.

You may bring your car, but because the residence halls are all within easy walking distance of campus buildings, many students find them unnecessary. A parking permit must be purchased from the University Parking Service for on campus parking of automobiles. Bicycle lockers and racks are available outside each hall.

Each wing or floor has a common bathroom with a number of sinks, toilets, and showers. All showers are partitioned. Robes and shower shoes are recommended.

It is advisable for students to maintain personal checking accounts. Many students keep their hometown account, but others find it more convenient to open an account in town or at the Credit Union in the University Center.

Every effort is made to honor the preferences marked on the contract. However, it is not possible to guarantee that each request will be met. The following procedures will be used. Returning students (current residence hall students) are given first priority to sign up for fall housing accommodations during a special spring semester sign-up period. New residents (incoming freshman, transfer, re-admits, continuing students not currently on campus and those continuing students who failed to apply for a room during the sign up period) are assigned to the remaining spaces based on: date the completed contract and deposit is received by University Housing, roommate preference (requests must be mutual to be considered), and then hall preference.

Notification of housing assignments (Hall and Room #) will be emailed to student’s university email account the last week of July.
New students moving in the halls for the spring semester will be notified by email in early January.

Room changes are allowed beginning the third week of classes each semester. Changes generally are not made prior to this time due to the volume of assignments being processed during the summer months and the first two weeks of each semester.

Room changes are coordinated thru the Complex Director in which the student currently resides. Generally, this will require a meeting with the Complex Director to discuss the reason(s) for the request and to discuss the options available to the student. If the room change is approved, the Complex Director will discuss with the student the procedures of changing rooms.

Based on the Board of Regents' Residency Requirement freshman and sophomores are required to reside in university-operated residence halls. Exceptions are: Married students, veterans, students commuting from the home of a parent or legal guardian (allowable commuting distance 40 miles), students age 21 by the first day of the fall semester, and those having applied for and received exemption thru University Housing. An Exemption Form must be completed and submitted for all freshman and sophomores who desire to be exempt from the Board of Regents' Residency Requirement.

Exemption Process

All packages sent via US Postal Service will be delivered directly to the residence halls. UPS, FedEx, DHL, and all other services will be delivered to Goodhue Desk. Students who receive packages at Goodhue Desk will be contacted to pick up their package.


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