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Assistance Animals

UW-Whitewater Assistance Animal Policy

I.             Policy Statement
It is the policy of the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater that assistance animals are generally permitted in University Housing on the UW-Whitewater campus as described below.  

II.           Definition
"Assistance animal" is an animal that:  

a.    is prescribed to an individual with a disability by a healthcare or mental health professional; and
b.   is necessary to afford a person with a disability an equal opportunity to use and enjoy University Housing.  

III.          Determination

a.     UW-Whitewater provides reasonable accommodations for persons requesting an assistance animal in University Housing.  The determination of whether an assistance animal will be permitted in University Housing is made on a case by case basis through an interactive process involving the individual requesting the accommodation and relevant campus personnel. In all cases, the needs of the individual are balanced with the impact of an animal on other campus residents, patrons or programs.
b.   In order for an assistance animal to be considered a reasonable accommodation in University Housing, there must be current verification of need from a physician, psychiatrist, social worker, or other mental health professional provided to the Center for Students with Disabilities that:  

i.   verifies that the person has a physical or mental impairment that substantially limits one or more major life activities;
ii.   describes the needed accommodation, and
iii.   identifies the relationship between the person's disability and the need for an assistance animal.  

c.    All requests for assistance animals in University Housing are subject to an annual review.  

IV.          Process

a.    Students requesting assistance animals in University Housing begin by registering for services through the Center for Students with Disabilities intake process and include a request for the assistance animal on the Accommodation Request Form.
b.   Students requesting an assistance animal to live in University Housing should notify the Center for Students with Disabilities at least 60 days prior to the desired move-in date in order for University Housing to best accommodate the student and the animal.
c.     If all other criteria are met to establish person as an individual with a disability, as set forth by staff at the Center for Students with Disabilities, a meeting will be arranged between the student and University Housing to discuss how to best accommodate the student, the assistance animal and the campus community.

V.            Exclusions

a.    An assistance animal is only allowed within a person's dwelling in University Housing, or other areas on campus where domesticated animals are permitted.
b.   An assistance animal may be excluded from all campus areas including University Housing:  

i.   where its presence fundamentally alters the nature of a program or activity;
ii.   if the animal is disruptive;
iii.   if its presence would result in substantial physical damage to the property of others; or
iv.   if it substantially interferes with the reasonable enjoyment of the area by others.  

VI.          Requirements for Assistance Animals
All UW-Whitewater University Housing residents that are provided an assistance animal accommodation must comply with all state laws and local animal ordinances, as well as all University Housing policies and guidelines including, but not limited to, the following:  

a.    Residents must provide appropriate food, water, and shelter for assistance animals;
b.   Residents must not allow assistance animals to be neglected nor abused;
c.    Residents are solely responsible for cleaning up and disposing of all animal waste (both indoors and outdoors) in a timely, effective fashion;
d.   Residents must not leave assistance animals alone in a room or apartment for an extended period of time; In the event that an assistance animal is left alone in a room or apartment for an extended period of time and is not being properly cared for, University Housing will attempt to contact the resident or the emergency contact to remove the animal; If this is not successful, University Housing may notify the appropriate authority and seek to have the animal removed.  All costs associated with removing the animal shall be the responsibility of the resident;
e.   Residents must comply with all required state and municipal license requirements, including current identification and vaccination tags when applicable; Assistance animals must wear all required current rabies vaccination tags; Residents must provide requested verification of all veterinarian recommended vaccinations as well as proof of absence of communicable diseases, fleas and parasites (annually or as needed, thereafter);
f.    Residents must not allow assistance animals to disturb, annoy, or cause any nuisance to other members of the campus community;
g.    Assistance animals are not permitted in any public, common spaces within the residence halls/apartments, including but not limited to community/shared bathrooms, lounges, dining rooms, indoor recreational rooms, computer labs and study rooms.
h.   Residents are responsible for any odors, noise, damage, or other conduct of his or her assistance animal that disturbs others or damages the premises;
i.     Residents must be in full control of the assistance animal at all times;
j.     Residents are solely responsible for the care and supervision of assistance animals; University Housing assumes no responsibility for the care of a resident's assistance animal.

VII.         Visitors
Assistance animals accompanying campus visitors are only allowed in areas of campus where domesticated animals are permitted.  

VIII.        Appeals and Grievances
Any person dissatisfied with a decision concerning an assistance animal may use the Appeals and Grievance procedures.

IX.           Resources 
Center for Students with Disabilities   

ADA Coordinator
Assistant to the Chancellor for Affirmative Action and Diversity, 262-472-5669

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