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Student Conduct System

Students are expected to abide by policies established by University Housing and the University, as well as all federal, state, and local laws. Failure to meet these expectations may result in referral to the University Housing Student Conduct System. This system is based on two principles:

  • The rights and responsibilities of each student should be upheld.
  • Members of a residence hall community should take the lead in enforcing standards of conduct.

Taken together, these principles provide a system that is fair, protects both individual and community rights, and serves as an educational response to group living conflicts.

Filing A Complaint

Any University student or staff member may file a complaint against a student, based on an alleged violation of residence hall rules in or around the buildings. Complaints must be filed with the Complex Director of the building where the incident occurred. After a complaint has been filed, the Complex Director will contact the student to discuss the incident or refer the complaint to the appropriate individual.

Conduct Process

Once a complaint has been filed, the accused student's Complex Director will ask the student to meet in order to discuss the incident and alleged violation(s) or refer the complaint to the appropriate individual. Depending on the circumstances, the student may choose to resolve the situation with the Complex Director or through a formal hearing. Responses to violations may include any or all of the following: warning, probation, room/building reassignment, contract cancellation, educational sanctions, or referral to the University conduct system.

So You Were Written Up...Now What?

What YOU need to do:
  • Contact your Complex Director(CD) and set up a meeting
  • Meet with your CD

If found responsible:
  • Complete assigned sanction(s)

If you choose instead to have an additional hearing:
  • Let your CD know you would like a conduct hearing
  • Meet with Student Conduct Board or an Administrator
  • If applicable, complete assigned sanction(s)
If you don't meet with the CD:
While we certainly encourage you to take an active role in your conduct case and assist the hall staff with determining the outcome, you may choose to not meet about the policy violation. If you do not meet with your CD, they will proceed with the process and make a decision based on all information made available.
 If you don't agree with the CD's decision:
Under our process, all students have the right to a conduct hearing. By meeting and settling the case with the CD you are waiving your right to the hearing. If you would like a hearing, simply tell your CD either before or during your meeting and they will forward your case to University Housing to have a hearing scheduled.
From here, your case may be heard by a board of residence hall students called the Student Conduct Hearing Board or by an administrator in University Housing.

You don't meet with the CD and don't agree with the decision they make:
You can file an appeal to the Associate Director – Residence Life. Appeal forms can be picked at 219 Goodhue Hall. Residents can only appeal conduct cases based on specific criteria, so be sure to read the appeal form carefully.

Immediate Cancellation of Residence Hall Contract

Residence Hall Contracts may be cancelled if students engage or threaten to engage in behavior which poses a danger of physical harm to self or others, or if they engage or threaten to engage in behavior which would cause significant property damage or directly and substantially impede the lawful activities of others.

Students may be immediately removed from the residence hall for the following violations:

  • Fifth Noise Related Violation
  • Abuse of staff members or students
  • Tampering with fire safety equipment or sprinkler systems, intentionally starting a fire, or causing a fire
  • Tampering with locks, keys, access cards, or security of the building
  • Use of fireworks or other explosives
  • Throwing objects out of residence hall windows
  • Possession and/or use of firearms or other weapons
  • Possession, use, or distribution of illicit drugs
  • Physical assault


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