UW-Whitewater Policies and Procedures Catalog


200-Academic Policy (Registar's Website)

201-Academic Affairs/Provost's Office


203-Active Duty Procedure and Absence Policy

204-Academic Forgiveness

204.1-Academic Forgiveness Appeal Form

205-Academic Misconduct

205.1-Student Academic Misconduct Disciplinary Procedures

206-Academic Standards

207-Attendance Verification Policy

208-Auditing Courses


210-Final Exams

211-Full-Time Status for Enrollment

212--Grade Changes

213-Grade Point Average

214-Grievance Procedure

215-Late Add/Drop

215.1-Late Add/Drop Forms

216-Medical Withdrawal

217-Preferred Name Policy

218-Student Disciplinary Procedure

219-Textbook Rental

220-Term Registration Information

221--Waiving or Substituting a Required Course


223-Your Responsibilities as a Student

Academic Advising

224-Academic Advising (Over 24 Credits & Declared)

225-Academic Advising & Exploration Center (Under 24 Credits & Undeclared)

226-Colleges Advising Offices

227-School of Graduate Studies

228-Reinstatement Process

Courses & Curriculum

229-Course Catalog

230-Curriculum Handbook

231-University Curriculum Committee

232-Placement Testing

233-Exams for Credit

234-Transfer of Credit

235-Advance Credit for Veterans

236-Teaching Reassignment

237-Transcripts & Grade Reports

238-Course Non-Career Grade Basis

Degree Information

240-Degrees Offered

241-Bachelor's Requirements by College

242-Bachelor's General Education Requirements

243-School of Graduate Studies Degree Programs

244-Online Degrees and Offerings

245-Individualized Major/Minor

245.1-College of Arts & Communications

245.2-College of Letters & Sciences Majors and Minors

246-US Racial Ethnic Diversity Requirement (Bachelor's Degree)


247-Complaints Against Faculty & Faculty Grievances

248-Procedure for Extraordinary Accommodation Due to a Disability

249-Student Grade Appeals

250-Appeals for Extenuating Circumstances

251-Appeals for Academic Record Changes After One Year


252-Research & Sponsored Programs Office

253-Research with Animals

254- UWW and UW System Grants and Programs

255-Undergraduate Research Program

256-Research Compliance

257-Research with Human Subjects

258-Responsible Research

-Export Controls Practice Directive

-Export Controls Procedure


259-Tuition Reimbursement Instruction Policy

260-Special Course & Distance Ed Fees

261-UW System Policy on Special Course Fees

262-Enrollment Deposit Information & Refunds


263-Honors Program


264.1-Graduation Requirements

264.2-Registrar's Office Graduation Page

264.3-Commencement Ceremony Participation

264.4-Commencement Resources & Links

264.5-School of Graduate Studies Graduation


265-Camps, Conferences, and Meetings Sponsorships

266-Classroom/Lab Modernization

267-Study Abroad Information for Faculty, Handbook



269-Academic Level

270-Adding Major/Minors to a Degree

271-Major/Minor/Certificate Change Forms

272-Degree Completion Time Limit-Undergraduate

273-Dual Degrees

274-Graduation Honors

275-Incomplete Courses

276-Enrollment Maximums

277-Grading System

278-Minimum On-Campus Credits

279-Second Degree

280-Satisfactory/No Credit Grade Basis

281-Seniors Taking Graduate Courses

282-Term Honors




285-Course Retakes

286-Credit Restrictions

287-Degree Completion Time Limit-Doctoral

288-Degree Completion Time Limit-Masters

289-Dual Degrees

290-Enrollment Maximums

291-Exceptions to Graduate Policy

292-Grade Appeals

293-Grading System

294-Graduate Assistantships

295-Graduate Repeats

296-Incomplete Courses

297-In-Progress Grades

298-Pass/Fail Grade Basis

General Human Resources

300-Office of Human Resources & Diversity

301-Human Resources & Diversity Policies & Procedures Page

302-Discrimination, Harassment, & Retaliation

303-Flexible Work Schedule

304-UW System Administrative Policies & Procedures-1200 Series


306-Consensual Relations

307-Grievance Policy

308-Grievance Flowchart

309-Grievance Form

310-Drug Free Workplace

311-Workplace Conduct Expectations

312-Summer Session Compensation

313-Equal Employment Opportunity & Affirmative Action

314-Disability Accommodations

315-Employment of W2 Recipients


317-Complaint Against UWW Employee Form

318-UW System Admin Policy 1277 on Compensation

319-Supporting Breastfeeding Employees

320-Telecommuting Procedure

321-Business Cards

322-Printing Services

323-Children in the Workplace Policy

324-US DOL Compliance Assistance Resources

325-Notary Public Services

326-UWS Board of Regents Policy Prohibiting Discrimination

327-Faculty & Staff Housing

328-Purple Book Forms & Information

329-Personnel Policies Page

330-Separation Forms-Exit Interview

331-Guidance on Political Campaign Activities at UW System Institutions

332-Professional Development Plan

333-Accommodation of Religious Beliefs

334-Service Animal Practice Directive 

335-Service Animal Procedure 

336-Telecommuting Procedure

336.1-Telecommuting Practice Directive


340-Department of Employee Trust Funds

341-Pay Plan Directive 2021-2023


350--Background Check

351-Upper Level Administrator Selection & Evaluation

352-Limited Term Employment


356-Layoff & Termination for Reasons of Financial Emergency (UWS Ch 5)


360-Jury Duty


362-Vacation Carryover and Banked Leave at Termination Practice Directive

363-Military Leave of Absence

364-Absent From Campus & Out of State Travel Request Form

365-Unclassified Leave of Absence without Pay (Faculty)

366-UW System Sick Leave for Faculty & Academic Staff

367-University Personnel System Operational Policy for Sick Leave

Academic Staff Specific

370-Overload Change of Status

371-Teaching Reassignment Policy

372-Emeritis Standing UWS

373-Tenure Faculty Review & Development

374-Post Tenure Review

Student Employees

380-Student Employment Resources

Risk Management

700-About Risk Management

702-Accident Reports-Worker's Compensation

704-Agent Liability Protection

706-Authorized Signature

708-Children in the Workplace

710-Insurance Coverage on Borrowed Items

712-Camps and Clinics Blanket Accident Insurance Program

714-Non-Employee/Non-Student Transport

716-Safety Mission

718-Service Vehicle/Off-Road Vehicle Operation Policy

720-Skating & Bicycling Policy

722-Utility Vehicle Operation at UWW by Contractors

724-Utility Vehicle Operation by UWW Employees

726-Hearing Protection Program Practice Directive 

726.1-Hearing Protection Program Procedure 

726.2-Hearing Protection Program Acknowledgement Form

728-Contract Management Practice Directive 

730-Contract Management Procedure

Facilities Planning & Management

752-Work Order Chargeback

753-Fleet Management Practice Directive 

753.1-Fleet Mangement Procedure 

753.2-Fleet Rates

753.3-Vehicle Replacement Justification Memo


758-Mobile Stage Use

760-Public Posting

762-Special Events

764-Universal Design

768-Who Can Use a State Vehicle

769-Project Evaluation Request Practice Directive 

769.1-Project Evaluation Request Procedure

769.2-Project Evaluation Request and Approval Process Diagram


772-University & External Fiscal Auditor Relationships

773-Copyright: UWSA General Counsel-Copyright Law

774-Wisconsin Open Meetings Law Practice Directive
774.1-Wisconsin Open Meetings Law Procedure
774.2Agenda Template

775-Open Meetings

776-UWSA FInancial Administration-Copyrightable Instructions, Materials Ownership, Use & Control

Public Records

University Records