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Write Ups

So You Were Written Up...Now What?

What YOU need to do:
  • Contact your Complex Director (CD) and set up a meeting.
  • Meet with your CD.

If found responsible:
  • Complete assigned sanction(s).

If you choose instead to have an additional hearing:
  • Let your CD know you would like a conduct hearing.
  • Meet with Student Conduct Board or an Administrator.
  • If applicable, complete assigned sanction(s).

If you don't meet with the CD:

While we certainly encourage you to take an active role in your conduct case and assist the hall staff with determining the outcome, you may choose to not meet about the policy violation. If you do not meet with your CD, they will proceed with the process and make a decision based on all information made available.

If you don't agree with the CD's decision:

Under our process, all students have the right to a conduct hearing. By meeting and settling the case with the CD you are waiving your right to the hearing. If you would like a hearing, simply tell your CD either before or during your meeting and they will forward your case to University Housing to have a hearing scheduled.

From here, your case may be heard by a board of residence hall students called the Student Conduct Hearing Board or by an administrator in University Housing.

You don't meet with the CD and don't agree with the decision they make:

You can file an appeal to the Assistant Director-Community Development. Appeal forms can be picked at 219 Goodhue hall. Residents can only appeal conduct cases based on specific criteria, so be sure to read the appeal form carefully.


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