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Process for Handling Data Related to a Campus Official’s Departure

Last updated 01/19/2011

This process is intended to serve as a guide for handling the tasks that must be accomplished to preserve information and provide continuity when a Campus Official, i.e. administrator or senior executive, leaves his/her position.

Campus Official Data Handling

1.     Direction should be obtained from Provost or Vice Chancellor of Administrative Affairs as appropriate (or Chancellor if Provost or VC of Admin Affairs is leaving) to determine who should be granted permissions to mailbox, computer and G: drive storage.

2.     An out-of-office reply should be applied to the email account indicating that the individual is no longer on campus / in the same position. The exact text of the auto-reply should be approved by the executive identified in #1.

3.     Permissions should be granted and access provided according to direction under step #1. This may involve granting G: drive or mailbox permissions, and may also involve assisting users in gaining access to the information through workstation configuration settings.


1.     Archives of email, G: drive contents and workstation should be made and recorded on DVD. DVDs should be provided to Information Security Officer (ISO).

2.     ISO will review State and UW-System records retention policies to determine an appropriate retention period for the information that may be contained in the archives, and will mark the DVDs with a "retain until" date.

3.     Operations will place the information in the safe in Andersen 2008 where it will be stored until the "retain until date" has passed, after which time the information will be destroyed.