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Room Reservations (25Live)

What is 25Live?

The 25Live system makes event scheduling, resources management, and submitting reservation requests easier, more accurate, and more efficient. Using this flexible software, you can easily search for an event and reserve a room on campus to hold a meeting, presentation, or discussion. 

Who Has Access?

All students, staff, and faculty  have the ability to search for events and request room reservations. Room requests will be approved/denied by an approved building scheduler, based on necessity.

How do I Login?

You can log into the 25Live room scheduler website by going to​. You must login using your Net-ID and password to schedule a room or event. 

Who do I ask for help?

For security access, like to add a new user or change a user's role, and for technical questions/issues contact the Help Desk or submit a ticket.  

For Academic scheduling or for room usage questions/concerns contact Tamela Rocke in the Registrar's Office. She is also the main point-of-contact for ADA's and Dean's Assistants.

For University Center rooms, visit the UC Room Reservation page and contact Elizabeth Inloes with questions or for assistance.

ICIT provides many resources to support your use of 25Live.  The following links provide you with information currently available. We encourage you to take advantage of 25Live's extensive help knowledgebase. 

UW-Whitewater 25Live Pro Documentation

25Live Knowledgebase

To access 25Live's online Help, log in to 25Live Pro using your UW-Whitewater NetID.  Follow the Help link in the upper right corner. There you will find help articles on these, and many more, topics: 25Live Help Link

  • Getting Started
    • Learn site navigation, how to use favorites, and how to customize your dashboard.
  • Creating Events in 25Live
    • Find out about the many ways to schedule an event and all the options available to you.
  • Running Reports in 25Live Pro
  • Copying Events
  • Express Scheduling (formerly 25Live Mobile)
    • Learn more about streamlined, simplified express scheduling by following the 25Live Scheduling Help link in the left navigation column.

Live Training (UW-Whitewater Staff and Faculty only)     

Refresher training class will be held at the beginning of the fall semester. 

For more information or additional questions, contact us at or 262-472-1175

Have a question? Check out our frequently asked questions below. Not seeing what you are looking for? Contact the Rooms Reservations Office at 262-472-1175 or

1.) From 25Live Pro, click on Go To Search. 
2.) Change the Object from Events to Locations.
3.) Type the building name in the search bar and then toggle the slider over from Quick Search to Advanced. 
4.) Click the Add Criteria button. 
5.) Select "Features" and then "Edit."
6.) Search for the feature in the search box or by selecting the feature from the given menu.
7.) You may also earch for different layouts by selecting "Layouts" and "Edit" to view room layout options. 
12.) Select your room layout preference, then click the Done button. 
13.) When you've added all the criteria, click the Search button to search for rooms.

1.) From 25Live Pro, click on Go to Search in the upper right corner.
2.) Enter the keyword for the event or course in the search box.
3.) Tap the toggle to move the slider from Quick Search to Advanced.
4.) Click on Add Criteria and then select Cabinets. 
5.) In the Cabinets box, click on EDIT and select the term or terms. Click on Done (blue box at bottom right corner).
6.) Select Search. After the results load, click on Calendar view and adjust the dates as needed.

The 25Live room optimizer uses the WINS course capacity to determine the rooms to recommend. Please make sure your WINS course capacity is at the highest amount you will expect in the section for the optimizer to assign rooms appropriately.

You will receive an email once your room request has been approved. Be sure to check your "junk" folder for the confirmation email, they occasionally land there. You will be contacted via email with a confirmation or called via the information given if a conflict in time/space arises. If you do not hear from the Reservations Office within 1-2 business days please call 262-472-1175, or visit UC 253. 

The "Setup Instructions" section is specific to the layout of the room. Once the layout is changed, the comments will disappear. If you are making comments that are not specific to the way the room is laid out, the comments should go in the "Comments" section at the end of the room's reservation (prior to "Verify or change the EVENT STATE" section).

For any special needs, including adding a Webex Meeting, include a description of what is needed to the "Confirmation Notes" or  add a note in the "Setup Instructions" section in your event request.

For a Webex Meeting, let Rooms and Reservations know if you will need audio only or audio and visual. Contact the Reservations Office with questions or if you did not include this information in your event request 262-472-1175, or visit UC 253.