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Room Reservations (25Live)

What is 25Live?

The 25Live system makes event scheduling, resources management, and submitting reservation requests easier, more accurate, and more efficient. Using this flexible software, you can easily search for an event and reserve a room on campus to hold a meeting, presentation, or discussion. 

Who Has Access?

All students, staff, and faculty  have the ability to search for events and request room reservations. Room requests will be approved/denied by an approved building scheduler, based on necessity.

How do I Login?

You can log into the 25Live room scheduler website by going to​. You must login using your Net-ID and password to schedule a room or event. 

ICIT provides many resources to support your use of 25Live.  The following links provide you with information currently available. 


Video Training

  • Recorded 25Live training seminar here  

Live Training (UW-Whitewater Staff and Faculty only)     

Refresher training class will be held at the beginning of the fall semester. 

For more information or additional questions, contact us at or 262-472-1175

Have a question? Check out our frequently asked questions below. Not seeing what you are looking for? Contact the Rooms Reservations Office at 262-472-1175 or

25Live FAQ List

Please follow the steps in this document to turn off compatibility mode.  

1.) From 25Live, click on the "Locations" tab. 
2.) Select the "Advanced Location Search" tab. 
3.) Select the New Search button
4.) Click the Add Criteria button. 
5.) Select "Categories"
6.) Click on the "pencil" icon to select a category. 
7.) Scroll down until you see "Rooms in ....". 
8.) Select your preferred building, then click Done
9.) Click the Add Criteria button again. 
10.) Select "Layouts". 
11.) Click the "pencil" button to view room layout options. 
12.) Select your room layout preference, then click the Done button. 
13.) Click the Search button to search for rooms.

1.) From 25Live, click on the "Events" tab.
2.) Enter the event or course you wish to locate in the "Search by Keyword" box, then click the Go button. 
3.) Click on the "Dates: Current and Future Dates" filter located in the right side of the page.
4.) Select "Select a Date Range", then enter your start and end dates.
5.) Click the Done button to display the new results. 

The 25Live room optimizer uses the WINS course capacity to determine the rooms to recommend. Please make sure your WINS course capacity is at the highest amount you will expect in the section for the optimizer to assign rooms appropriately.

While scheduling a room or event in 25Live, sometimes search results will flash, then quickly disappear. This is because the option "Enforce headcount" is selected while running your search results. This means that no results can be found that match your headcount criteria. To resolve this issue, deselect the "Enforce headcount" option, then run the search again. Your results should now display correctly. 

You will receive an email once your room request has been approved.  

The "Setup Instructions" section is specific to the layout of the room. Once the layout is changed, the comments will disappear. If you are making comments that are not specific to the way the room is laid out, the comments should go in the "Comments" section at the end of the room's reservation (prior to "Verify or change the EVENT STATE" section).

Please use the process outlined in the .PDF document below for all support requests, projects, and security changes related to 25Live.

How to submit a ticket for 25Live ( (PDF)

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