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ITS - Employee Off Boarding

This process must start immediately upon notification of an employee’s intent to leave the current position.

Step 1: Supervisor to notify offices

  • Supervisor to inform Dean, Department Head or Designee as appropriate.

Step 2: Supervisor submits helpdesk ticket

Supervisor to submit the ticket to the helpdesk to notify ITS of the Employee's departure. Please include the following information in your ticket:

Link to helpdesk ticket entry

  1. Supervisor Name
  2. Employee Name
  3. Departure Type (Good Standing, Termination for Cause, Role Change)
  4. Department
  5. Expected Last Day on Campus
  6. Date ITS should pick up equipment

Step 3: Will provide information to supervisor

  • Will provide a list of employee's assigned equipment
  • Will confirm/schedule equipment pick-up date
  • Will provide a list of employee's current access

Step 4: Supervisor to complete access management

  • Calendar management. The Supervisor will identify all shared accounts and rights used by the employee to manage calendars and must assure that the duties were transferred to another employee upon removal of the former employee’s access.
  • Local user accounts and privileged accounts. The Supervisor will identify all locally-managed privileged accounts, as well as other local accounts, that were used by the employee, and will assure the duties were transferred to another employee in the department upon removal of the former employee’s access.

Step 5: Supervisor to complete data preservation

  • Identify all systems and applications such as Google Docs, OneDrive, and Qualtrics where employees could have stored institutional or departmental data under their user account, and request employees to transfer the data to enable access by others.
  • If an employee is separating from the university, the supervisor may request access to the employee’s G: drive and email folders with approval from Human Resources & Diversity.

Step 6: Supervisor to complete asset management

  • Collect all portable IT assets (laptop, tablet, phone, MFA fob) and confirm the location of stationary IT assets (desktop computers, printers) for our pickup date.
  • Confirm all institutional assets have been returned

STEP 7: Supervisor to complete Employee Checkout Form

Fill out this form to confirm your completion of the above steps for our records:

STEP 8: ITS to remove employee access upon departure 

On the employee’s last day of the current job ITS will remove all access to the employee’s account (if applicable):

  • Access to High-Risk Data (such as social security numbers)
  • Shared Email (Full Access/Send-as)
  • Shared Document Storage Folders (such as T: drive)
  • Email Distribution Lists and Blogs
  • CMS (Ingeniux) and Event Calendar
  • Campus Web Applications Access (such as HR Change of Status, FP&M Key Requests)
  • Privileged account access to other systems and applications that use university-level authorization
  • Local account access

Step 9: Access provisioning for employee’s new role

If the individual is maintaining affiliation with UW-Whitewater and is simply changing roles or departments, etc. the Supervisor for the new role will submit the access request form which indicates the new level of access requested. The Help Desk will grant or remove the individual’s access to resources as well as to the individual’s data to the Supervisor as specified. Once the access requests are completed, the Help Desk will notify the individual and the Supervisor.