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UW-Whitewater File Storage

Network Resources for File Storage

At UW-Whitewater, there are two options for the storage of electronic documents: a local drive on the individual's workstation or network-based file storage. Information Technology Services (ITS) provides the infrastructure and resources for network-based file storage and encourages the use of these resources. 


All appropriate use guidelines in the UW-Whitewater  Network Infrastructure Policy apply to the use of network-based file storage. In addition, all UW-Whitewater staff and students with file-storage accounts should:

  • Ensure documents are virus-free
  • Take care and consider others when managing documents in shared folders
  • Manage the space wisely, as resources are not unlimited 


The policies for unacceptable use and associated access restrictions that apply to the UW-Whitewater network infrastructure also apply to network-based file storage. 


For instructional purposes, the university provides faculty and students with file storage resources for the following functions:

  • Course management system
  • Course-related document distribution from faculty to students
  • Web-based storage for special instructional needs
  • Resources for personal web publishing
  • >Web-based personal file storage

Non-instructional resources for file storage are also provided to meet the business, academic and research needs of campus organizational units, with both private and shared areas of document storage. If an individual or department has special needs for file storage, contact ITS to help find a solution to best meet your needs. 


Storing documents on the network offers the following advantages over local drive storage:

  • Network files are accessible from multiple locations, including off-campus.
  • Network-based files are protected from short-term loss through regular enterprise backup.
  • Files are more secure, in that they are protected from data loss due to hardware failure, computer theft, or office break-in.
  • Documents can be easily shared among organizational units or work groups.


UW-Whitewater's file storage options do not provide any automated archiving or records retention functions. Each department is responsible for determining its required records retention intervals and ensuring that files are maintained according to the appropriate records schedule. For more information on records management, visit the library's website.


UW Whitewater complies with all legal requests for information, including those requests for data included as part of a subpoena, e-discovery litigation action or Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request.

In order to facilitate an appropriate transition of business records during a staff member's departure, ITS can make a copy of a departing employee's network file storage available to the employee's supervisor. This is done only upon request, and must be requested within 7 days of the employee's end date with the approval of Provost (or designee) in the case of faculty or Vice Chancellor of Finance and Administrative Affairs (or designee) in the case of all other staff.