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Ingeniux & Google Analytics

Approved by Chancellor August 19, 2011

The purpose of this plan is to outline the short-term plans and long-term value of implementing Google Analytics in conjunction with the Ingeniux Content Management System rollout.


Google Analytics profiles will be set up by ITS as part of the migration of UW-Whitewater website sections into the Ingeniux Content Management System. These profiles are being created so that website use data can be collected starting from the initial deploy of each section's Ingeniux website.

Web analytics data are most useful when a significant history is present, so that trends and usage patterns can be analyzed and taken into consideration when implementing website designs. Data being captured today will likely be used to improve, revise and implement future designs.

Profile Configuration

The Google Analytics system allows for the creation of profiles which use a filter to include traffic data for a specific subfolder (or "section") and its contents. This will facilitate the generation of reports for specific sections within the larger campus website, and it will enable more granular access control. Google Analytics starts collecting data for a profile when the profile is created.

Sub-site Sections

ITS will create a Google Analytic profile for each sub-site under the main UW- Whitewater Google Analytics account upon the initial deploy of an Ingeniux site. These profiles will use the same User Authentication Keys as the main UW-Whitewater website, and will have Analytics data accessible directly from within Ingeniux via the "Analytics" tab.

Examples of sub-site sections:


The Google Analytics profile will be given the same name as the site section.

Subdomain Sections

ITS will create a Google Analytics profile for each subdomain under the main UW-Whitewater Google Analytics account upon the initial deploy of an Ingeniux site. Each subdomain will be given its own unique User Authentication Key.

Examples of subdomain sections:


The Google Analytics profile will be given the same name as the subdomain.

Promotion Access and Support

At the time of this posting (August 2011), Google Analytics technology is not being promoted to campus, as the current implementation is just the first step in a long-term strategy. However, the Web Advisory Group will be informed about this technology and the long-term opportunities that it creates.

If a content owner for a sub-site section or subdomain section requests basic web analytics information about their pages ( e.g. simple page hit counts), the ITS Web Team will provide a report containing the requested data. If the owner requests access to generate their own reports, they will be provided reading only access to their data in the Google Analytics system. Administrative access will not be granted outside of ITS due to the potential to inadvertently delete data or otherwise impair the function of the Google Analytics system for the entire campus.

At this time, ITS does not provide support for the Google Analytics; thus, no support of training will be provided to the content owners who are granted access to the Google Analytics system.

Third-party Access to Campus Data

Web analytics data, whether in the form of reports or access to the Google Analytics system, should not be shared outside the university without approval from Marketing & Media Relations (MMR).

Requests for third-party access to Google Analytics profiles containing UW-Whitewater data are expected to be rare and unique, and thus will be handled on a case-by-case basis by ITS and MMR. Access will only be granted if proper confidentiality, use agreement, and other relevant legal protections are in place between UW-Whitewater and the third-party. Administrative access will not be granted to a third-party.

Preparing for the Future

The value of any web analytics system is proportional to the volume of historical data available for analysis. Given the annual cycle of the university's business, a minimum of one year of data will be necessary in many cases to establish a complete baseline, and multiple years will be required to identify some trends. The Google Analytics system is being implemented now, with the rollout of Ingeniux, in anticipation of future website improvement and optimization efforts.


Submitted to and approved by Web Advisory Group - July 2011
Submitted and approved by Executive Tier Committee - Aug. 19, 2011
Posted - Aug 25, 2011