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Securing Office Computer Equipment

February, 2006

As the use of laptops and other small computing devices increases, so does the opportunity for theft. In order to protect university resources and minimize liability costs, it is important for each staff person to take responsibility for securing office equipment.

Laptops, Apple iMacs, and any easily transportable office computers should be physically secured while in your university office. Security cables with combination locks can provide such security and are easy to use. A locked cabinet is another alternative for laptop equipment that is not used on a regular, daily basis.

If an unsecured computer is stolen, the majority of the replacement cost is borne by the department, due to the $2,500 deductible required by our property insurance program. If it can be shown that the stolen device was secured at the time of theft, the claim deductible is reduced to $1000. In this case, please be certain to have the presence a security cable noted in the police report.

It is ITS practice to order all laptop computers with security cables, at an added departmental cost of approximately $30 per computer. If a Department chooses not to utilize security cables and, at the time the order is placed, describes in writing how the equivalent security will be achieved, the security cables can be removed from the order. If assistance is needed in the use of the security cable after purchase, ITS staff will be ready to provide it. The assistance can be requested by contacting the Helpdesk at