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VoIP Operational Guidelines


In 2012, centrally allocated funding was approved to acquire a campus-wide unified communications system. The new Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phone system was implemented University-wide due to its ability to be integrated with other campus technologies, and its sophisticated conferencing system that combines voice, data, video, and desktop sharing; along with the ability to instantly determine the availability of other within the organization.

VoIP Community Funding

VoIP infrastructure and support cost are mostly fixed. Line charge is determined by sharing these costs among all members of the VoIP community, not by individual use. Therefore, a member of the VoIP community cannot opt out from paying the monthly line charge and payback rate based on temporary suspension of the phone use.

Recommended Phones

Phones will be recommended based on the operational needs and the payback rate will be established based on the total amount spent, not on the cost of individual phone. Payback rate will be the same for all recommended phones. There will be no separate charge for voicemail.

Enhanced Phones

Phone users may choose to get more expensive and feature-rich units, provided they fund the difference in cost between the recommended unit and the desired unit. 

Approved by Chancellor's office 1/30/2012