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All circulating library materials must be checked out from the Circulation Desk, located near the entrance/exit on the main level at both campus libraries. All patrons must present a valid UW-Whitewater ID in order to check out materials. Visiting patrons from other University of Wisconsin schools may use their current "home" institution's ID to check out materials. Wisconsin residents, not associated with either UW-Whitewater or the UW system, may purchase a Community Borrower card. Items due should be returned to the Circulation Desk 15 minutes before the libraries close.

The UW-Whitewater University Library also provides access to wireless internet and a variety of equipment for use in the library or through check-out. Services for patrons with disabilities are provided as well. If you have questions or concerns regarding any of Andersen Library's circulation services or policies, please contact circdesk@uww.edu or 262-472-5511. Questions specific to Lenox Library should be directed to 608-758-6533.


All patrons must present valid photo identification or a UW-Whitewater Community Borrower card in order to check out material from Andersen and Lenox Libraries.

UW-Whitewater Students, Staff and Faculty

Material may be checked out from the library's Circulation Desk with a valid UW-Whitewater ID card (HawkCard) or other valid photo identification. Please note that not all items listed below are available for check out at individual branch campus libraries. If you have questions, please contact the circulation desk at the location you wish to borrow an item.

Undergraduates Graduate Students Faculty & Staff Emeriti


(5 item limit)

Main Collection, Curriculum, Great Minds, & Government Documents

28 day loan

2 renewals

No item limit

Semester loan

3 renewals

No item limit

28 day loan

2 renewals

Browsing Books, Audiobooks, & Graphic Novels

28 day loan

2 renewals

No item limit

28 day loan

3 renewals

No item limit

28 day loan

2 renewals

CDs, DVDs, VHS, & Video Games

14 day loan

1 renewal

10 item limit

14 day loan

1 renewal

Equipment (calculators, cameras, gaming consoles & accessories, iPads, etc.)

3 or 7 day loan

No renewals

1 item limit

Laptops (only loanable to UWW students)

30 day loan (Whitewater)

30 day loan (Rock)

2 renewals

1 item limit


3 day loan

No renewals

No item limit

Other items (charging cables, dry erase markers, HDMI cords, headphones, etc.)

4 hour loan

No renewals

1 item limit



Students must be actively enrolled in courses to borrow items from the library or use the ILL services. 

Graduate Students

Students must be actively enrolled in courses to borrow items from the library or use the ILL and Document Delivery services. Document delivery service includes scanning of articles or book chapters for delivery as a PDF through the ILLiad system but can also include mailing of requested physical items to student's home address. The library will ship the items to your address at no cost to but the student is responsible for return shipping costs via the United States Postal Service. It is strongly encouraged to obtain a tracking number if you are mailing items back to the library and to ensure there is sufficient insurance should the package be lost or damaged during the shipping process. The notes field of a request should be used to identify student as grad students and include the proper shipping address to ensure efficient and prompt processing.

If you are a grad student who is still working on your thesis but not actively enrolled in courses, please contact the Access Services Department at circdesk@uww.edu or the InterLibrary loan coordinator at libill@uww.edu for instructions on how to gain access to materials to finish your research. 

Distance Education Students

Students who are enrolled in UWW online degree programs are considered Distance Education (DE) students. These students are eligible for the same services as on-campus students, as well as other services such as physical items from the library shipped to their home free of charge. Loan periods are the same for DE students as their on-campus counterparts; see undergraduate or graduate students above for loan periods.

    Any questions or concerns about Document Delivery should be submitted to the ILL department at libill@uww.edu.

    Faculty and University Staff

    Faculty and Staff must be actively employed at either of the UW-Whitewater campuses to borrow items from the library or use the ILL services or document delivery. For newly hired faculty, your active status begins the day your contract officially starts. If you have questions about access prior to your official contract date, please contact the Access Services Department at circdesk@uww.edu


    Retired professors granted emeritus status by their department will be granted borrowing privileges once the library is made aware of their status. A letter from the department chair may be sent to the Access Service Department, circdesk@uww.edu, as verification of status. If the emeritus has a valid Hawkcard with Emeriti status on the card, this will serve as proof.

    If your account is allowed to expire, it may get withdrawn from the library's system and we will have no record of you as a patron with borrowing privileges. A record will have to be manually entered, this action will require the letter verifying status from department chair and a valid Wisconsin issued ID with current address.

    Other UW School Affiliates

    Visiting patrons from other University of Wisconsin schools may use their current "home" ID to check out materials. Materials checked out from the Library will need to be returned to the Library directly. Loan limits will be the same as if the borrowed item came from their UW campus library.

    Community Borrower Card

    Wisconsin residents 18 years or older with a valid Wisconsin driver's license or Wisconsin photo ID may purchase a Community Borrower Card. You will need to provide current address information at time of registration. Community Borrower Cards are not offered to current UW-Whitewater affiliates.

    There is an annual fee of $10 due at time of registration. You may choose to pay for 3 years for $25. A $3 fee is charged for replacement cards. Fines and Fees apply for all item types checked out under a Community Borrower account, please visit the Fines and Fees policy page for details. To obtain a Community Borrower card please visit the circulation desk in Andersen Library on the Whitewater campus. We can accept cash or check for annual fees, replacement cards, or fines.

    Books and media can be requested online and held for you at the Circulation Desk with these quick steps:

    1. Locate your desired item(s) through Research@UWW
    2. Sign-in with your NetID or library account
    3. Select “Request” under Request Options
      Under the Get It menu, select Request next to Request Options
    4. Wait for email confirmation that your item is ready for pick-up

    UW Request

    Interlibrary Loan (ILL)

    • Request books and videos from outside the UW-System.
    • Use ILL for all journal article requests.
    • Receive items in 5-7 business days.
      • Article turnaround is 2-4 business days.
      • Items that are harder to locate may take longer than times listed.
    • FREE!
    • Go to Interlibrary Loan or read more about ILL

    Andersen and Lenox Libraries have various types of equipment available to borrow. Below is a list of types of equipment offered. Most but not all equipment is offered at each library so please do not hesitate to call the circulation desk if you have any question about what is available at that campus library or the loan period for equipment types; 262-472-5511 for Andersen Library at the Whitewater campus or 608-758-6533 for Lenox Library at the Rock County campus. 

    • Calculators - a variety from Scientific, Graphing, and Finacial are available for 3-day loans.
    • Cameras -both video and "point and shoot" digital cameras available. Cameras may be borrowed for 7 days. Large and small tripods are also available for check out. There is an overdue fine of $5 per day for late returns.
    • Drawing Tablets - Andersen Library has drawing tablets and additional pen tips available for 7-day loan.
    • Digital Projector - projectors may be borrowed for a 3-day loan. They are available on a first-come, first-served basis. Set up instructions for the projector are attached to the unit.
    • DVD Drives - DVD drives are available for an overnight loan. These drives can be used to read or write files. Please note that the write function will not work on the Library's public Windows-based workstations.
    • iPads - have a variety of apps. For a current list of apps search "iPad" in Books, Media, & More (UW-Whitewater), then click on "Other" under Resource Type in the left column. iPads have a 14 day loan period.
    • Laptops - PC and Mac laptops are available for a 30-day loan period. Laptops can be renewed 2 times by logging into  My Accounts. If you still need the laptop longer, please call (262-472-5511), email  (circdesk@uww.edu), or bring it to the Circulation Desk. Additional renewals will depend on availability. Both Windows and Mac computers are loaded with several browsers (including Lockdown), various media players, Microsoft Office and Adobe Creative Suite. Macs also have iLife. Laptops checkouts are available only to students and the Laptop Agreement form must be completed the first time, each semester, a laptop is borrowed.
    • Miscellaneous Equipment - such as Dry erase markers, fans, HDMI accessory equipment and cables, headphones, phone charging cords, power strips, and USB flash drives are available for 4-hour checkouts.
    • Microphones - are available for 7-day loans.
    • Video Gaming - The Andersen Library has consoles of the major gaming platforms available for checkout. Each platform comes with all the cables required for a standard TV connection. Additional cables or specialty controllers may be available with certain video games. All video gaming equipment circulates for a 7-day loan period. Systems available:
      • Nintendo 3DS
      • Nintendo Switch
      • Oculus Go VR
      • Playstation Vita
      • Playstation VR
      • Playstation 3
      • Playstation 4
      • Playstation 5
      • Wii
      • Wii U
      • Xbox 360
      • Xbox Kinect
      • Xbox One
      • Xbox Series X


    Items may be renewed online by accessing your personal record.

    1. Select My Accounts from the top right corner of any Library webpage.
    2. Go to My Account Login
      • UWW Student Staff Login, login with your Net-ID and password.
      • Community User, enter your ID number and last name, and click the "Login" button.

    A list of items checked out to you and the due dates will be displayed. To renew your materials, check the "Renew?" box to the left of each item and click the "Renew Items" button at the bottom of the page. You may renew your items provided another patron has not requested them or restrictions have not been placed on certain materials.

    Recalled Materials

    To ensure that all UWW Library patrons have access to its collections, the Library reserves the right to recall any materials after one loan period. This policy applies to all users: faculty, staff, and students. Patrons will be notified of recalled material, and in most cases the adjusted due date for recalled items will be either seven days (for general items) or three days (if item is needed for a class) after the date of recall. Overdue fines for recalled materials are $1.00 per day. Library privileges may be suspended if recalled material is not returned. If you have questions about this policy, please contact the Circulation Desk.

    Returning Materials

    Andersen Library - Library materials may be returned when the library is closed by putting them in one of two book returns at Andersen Library. One return is located directly outside the Library Circulation Desk in the lobby of the Andersen Library building. The other return is on the outside of the exterior doors on the west side of the Andersen Library building.

    Lenox Library - Library materials may be returned when the library is closed but the campus is open by placing them in the dropbox in the lobby area of the building, before the library's entrance.

    PLEASE NOTE: All equipment must be returned while the library is open by bringing it to the circulation desk. The dropboxes may not be utilized to returned borrowed equipment.

    Fines & Fees

    If  library materials are not returned or renewed by the specified due date some fines and fees may accrue. For more information on the library's Fines and Fees policy, please clck this link ot the policy pages for Fines and Fees. To avoid any fines or fees you can view and manage your due dates via My Account link from our website or contact the circulation desk at circdesk@uww.edu/ 262-472-5511. 

    Print Reserves

    Print reserves are held at the Circulation Desk and are organized by instructor. Patrons are asked to provide Circulation staff with the instructor's name and item title when requesting materials. Fines for overdue reserves are $0.25 per hour per item for 3 hour loans and $1.00 per item per day for 3- or 7- day loans. Any Reserve items not returned seven days after the due date will be considered "lost" and will be billed for replacement.

    Requesting Course Reserves

    Instructors may request that items be placed on Course Reserve by submitting a Reserve Request Form, available online or at the Circulation Desk.

    Requests should be submitted at least five business days before the material will be used for class. Instructors may designate the checkout period for each item: 3-hour, 1-day, 3-days, or 7-days. If more than one faculty member has the same item on reserve, the checkout period defaults to the shortest requested time. Items specified as 3-hour check out may not leave the library.

    Instructors may place items from Andersen Library's collection or their own personal items on reserve. The library assumes no liability for personal items placed on Course Reserve. Materials owned by another library may not be placed on reserve. If you have any questions regarding Course Reserve services or policies, please contact the Reserve Department at reserve@uww.edu or Andersen Circulation Desk at circdesk@uww.edu (262-472-5511).

    Media & Materials Booking

    Staff may also reserve or "book" materials such as videos, curriculum tools, and other items from the libraries collections to be shown in class by filling out the Media & Materials Booking Form. The material will be retrieved and held at the Circulation Desk on the date you designate. Please place your requests at least three weeks in advance.

    Linking Articles from Online Databases

    In most cases direct links for articles in library databases can be created for your course materials. Students will need to enter their Net-ID and password to view the linked materials. Additional instruction can be found at http://libguides.uww.edu/directlk.

    For additional assistance on course reserves for the UW-Whitewater campus, contact either the Andersen Library Reserve Desk (262-472-1021) or Andersen Library Reference Desk (262-472-1032). If you have questions or need assistance with course reserves on the UW-Whitewater at Rock County campus please contact Lenox Library (608-758-6533).


    Instructors of every course are required to submit an updated syllabus every semester. Instructors have the option of uploading a PDF online or turing in a paper copy to the Library. Paper copies can be turned in at the circulation desk or sent to the Access Services Librarian via house mail. The hard copies will be kept on the reserves shelf for a year and then will be turned over for retention by the Archives and Area Research Center. For more information about the University's policy on for syllabi go to Instructions for Online Syllabi

    Reference librarians provide direct, personal assistance to faculty, students, staff and community visitors.

    Contact us with any questions:

    In person 
    Andersen Library: visit us on the main floor during Reference Desk hours
    Lenox Library: visit us at the main service desk during Library hours

    Live Chat
    Live chat is available 24/7 but is often answered by non-UWW librarians. Whitewater librarians will follow up if needed.

    Fill out the email form or email refdesk@uww.edu for response by a local UW-Whitewater librarian within 1 business day.

    Andersen Library Reference Desk: 262-472-1032
    Lenox Library: 608-758-6533

    Library instruction is a service available for any UW-W students, faculty or staff. Information literacy goals are formally supported by the Faculty (see Faculty Senate Resolution 0506-21). We especially recommend it whenever:

    • Students are new to campus
    • Assignments require use of the library resources, or other unfamiliar tools
    • Students have struggled in the past with any of the topics below

    Instruction sessions can cover such topics as:

    • Effective use of Research@UWW and/or specialized subject databases, both free on the web as well as in library subscriptions
    • Print and online reference materials
    • Resource sharing (UW-Request and ILL)
    • Critical evaluation of potential information sources
    • Ethical use of information, including citation
    • Tours of the physical library building

    If you would like to see something that is not covered here, please ask!

    The liaison librarian's role could take the form of:

    • In-person visits, to the library or to your classroom, for all or part of class time
    • Individual consultations
    • Collaboration on creation of information literacy assignments and assessments
    • Creation of online tutorials or online videos
    • Guides for specific classes
    • The librarian being "embedded" in an in-person or online class through Canvas

    For additional details, review our Library Instruction guide. Or contact your liaison librarian.

    If you would like to bring your class to Andersen or Lenox library for library instruction, several spaces are available to you:

    • Andersen Library Instruction Laboratory (L2211)Library Instruction Lab L2211
      Up to 40 students for presentations or hands-on instruction
      31 student workstations

    • Andersen Library Classroom (L1105)Library classroom L1105 showing movable desks and computers
      Three projector screens, including two that are SMART boards, available for student use when not in use by a class
      Up to 62 students for presentations, group work, or hands-on instruction
      3 student workstations on the perimeter of the room (2 workstations are connected to the SMART boards)
      Those using the classroom should remember that it is on one of the Library's quiet floors

    • Lenox Library Computer Lab (AH117)Lenox Instruction Lab
      Up to 30 students for presentations or hands-on instruction
      24 student workstations

    Library instruction spaces may be used by other campus groups if not in use for instruction, at the sole discretion of the librarians. See the policy statement on use of the Library's instruction spaces.


    Each year, we host middle and high school classes in the library as they take advantage of our instructional support, facilities, resources, and reference services. We are open to working with classes studying any subject, and will supplement research begun in your school library media center. National History Day research, AP Composition, College English, Government, Business – we have worked with these classes and more!


    The best time for middle and high school classes to visit and receive the most attentive service is during the latter half of our semesters, such as November, December, April, and May.

    In-Person Class Visits:

    We offer a library tour, instruction sessions, and as much work time as needed. An instruction librarian will guide your students through online databases and print resources that support their specific assignments and topics. If you wish to schedule a campus tour during your visit, for individuals or for a group, please visit  https://www.uww.edu/admissions/tour.

    Virtual Visits:

    We can livestream to your classroom, school library, or computer lab to introduce students to the Libraries’ resources prior to an in-person visit.


    Community members, including middle and high school students, are welcome to use the UW-W Libraries. Children under the age of 16 must be accompanied by a responsible adult.


    Desktop computers are available to community members.  Guest wireless access is also available. Please ask at the Reference Desk for instructions on how to access the wireless network.


    If you plan for your class to remain in the library over lunchtime, work with the reference & instruction librarian in advance, and a designated lunch space will be reserved.

    To inquire about lunch at a campus dining facility, please use the form at https://uww.campus-dining.com/contact or call the University Dining Services office at (262) 472-1161.


    There are a number of options available to visitors:

    • Printing costs 10 cents per page. (Not available at Rock Campus.)
    • High-speed scanners are free; bringing a USB memory stick is recommended.
    • Students may email portions of online full-text materials.
    • Students may save to a USB memory stick.


    High school teachers may check out materials for their students. Teachers doing so would be responsible for returning those materials. Accommodations may be made for individual students to purchase a Community Borrower Card.

    Visit the Andersen Library Circulation Desk at Whitewater to purchase a UW-W Libraries Community Borrower Card for an annual fee of $10. A valid Wisconsin driver's license or Wisconsin photo ID and current address information are required at time of registration.  


    Library hours for the full year, including summer, exam, holiday, and spring break hours. (Subject to change.)


    Parking information, for individuals and for busses, is located here: https://www.uww.edu/adminaffairs/parking-regulations/visitors. Free street parking is located on streets south of Main Street.

    Contact us at Whitewater (262-472-1032) or Rock Campus (608-758-6533) to learn more about these opportunities and to plan your visit.

    The Library also provides access to wireless internet, as well as a variety of equipment for use in the library or overnight check-out. We also provide special services for patrons with disabilities. If you have questions or concerns regarding any of  the Library's circulation services or policies please contact circdesk@uww.edu or 262-472-5511 (Andersen Library Circulation Desk), (608) 758-6533 (Lenox Library Circulation Desk).

    A cafe, Food for Thought, is located on the main level of the Andersen Library. There are vending machnines located in the lower level lobby of the building just beyond door #3 entrance to the Andersen Building.

    Group Study Spaces

    There are several group study rooms throughout the Library. Most group study rooms are equipped with a mounted wall monitor and a whiteboard. A few group study rooms are equipped with a DVD and/or VHS player. You can make a reservation online for a group study room.

    • Study rooms are booked with a default of an hour. Additional time can be added in 30 minute increments but cannot exceed a 4 hour block of time.
    • A student may only make one room reservation per day.
    • Reservations need to be made 4 hours in advance of their start time.
    • If the room is not claimed by the group within the first 15 minutes, the booking is no longer active and the room becomes available to others for use.
    • If no active reservation exists on the room, it can may be used by anyone on a first come, first served basis but preference is given to groups.
    • The study room reservation system is intended for student use only. If you are a faculty or staff member that has a need for room space in Andersen Library please contact Access Services (circdesk@uww.edu) to see if an exception can be made or if there are other options that might suit better.
    • If a group study room is located on a quiet floor, we ask that you are mindful of the library policy and be respectful of other patrons working in the area.
    • Once you request a booking, an email will be sent asking for you to confirm your request via the link provided. You must confirm within 30 minutes of making the request or it will disappear. If you do not see an email, please check your spam folders.
    • A valid UWW email is required!

    Groups are also encouraged to use the areas on the main floor (the non-quiet floor) for group work, no reservation necessary. When not reserved, group study rooms may be used by anyone but preference will be given to groups.

    Collaboration Environments

    In addition to the group study rooms that can be reserved, spaces around the main floor area lend themselves to collaboration efforts. There is a wide variety of seating options spaced throughout the main floor of Andersen Library. Near the cafe, smaller tables and booths can be found. Softer and easily moved seating is located near the big TV area and the spaces beyond the Browsing Collections. The Reference Collection, has a mixture of large and small tables situated among the tall stacks. The Curriculum Collection boasts flexible study tables mixed throughout the shorter stacks and areas set up to provide an environment rich in materials and child-sized furnishings ideal for those who are preparing to work in a Pre-K-12 setting.

    The main floor is considered the "talking" floor meaning it is not restricted to silent studying or whispered converstation. This policy coupled with the variety of study environments listed above makes it the prime area for collaborative study spaces. 

    When not in use for instruction classes, the smartboards in Andersen Library are available to be used by patrons. Smartboards can be found in the Curriculum Collection area on the main floor and in room L1105 on the first floor. Instrcutions are posted by the smartboards and the interactive components can be checked out for a four hour loan period at the circulation desk. 

    Individual Study Rooms

    There are several study rooms for individuals located on the upper floor of the Library. The upper level of the Library is a "quiet floor." Group study, conversation, and music  played without using headphones are not allowed in individual study rooms. Patrons violating these rules will be asked to relocate to the main level.

    Quiet Floors

    The first and third floors at Andersen Library are reserved for quiet studying and provide study environments that lend themselves to individual work. A variety of tables and seating exists on these floors to accomodate the needs and preferences of many individuals. Individual study carrels, softer seating options, tables with space to spread out study materials , as well as tables with public computers located for use exist throughout both floors. Patrons studying on "Quiet" floors are asked to refrain from talking, using cell phones, or playing sound on computers. Patrons violating these rules will be asked to relocate to the main level. 

    Located in Andersen Library is the Veterans and Service Members Lounge. The lounge was created in the fall of 2010 as a space for people who have served in the military or are currently serving in the military to connect. It is a place to study with computer access, or relax and watch television. There is an office staffed in the lounge at different times throughout the day (hours posted on the office door).

    The Gary J. Lenox Library on The UW-Rock County campus has three group study rooms available to students.  The group study rooms are located on the main floor.  Study rooms may be used up to a two hour period of time. To request to use a study room at Lenox Library, stop by the circulation desk to sign in.

     Study Room Details

    • Group study room # 1 has a VCR & monitor available for use.
    • Group study room #2 has a PC computer, a DVD/VCR player and a whiteboard available for use.
    • Group study room #3 has a PC computer, a DVD/VCR player and a whiteboard available for use.

    See duties described below. Applicants with Work Study awards are given preference.

    To work at Andersen Library go to the application now or scan QR code below.

    QR code for Student Application

    When the Library receives your application, your application will be reviewed and kept on file for the current academic semester.  Due to the number of applications we receive, we are unable to contact all applicants regarding the status of their application. Student Employment is based upon students’ availability.

    Access Services: Circulation Assistant

    The duties of this position include:

    • Assisting patrons at the Circulation Desk
    • Checking materials and equipment in and out
    • Shelving materials
    • Performing collection inventory and maintenance
    • Answering telephones
    • Giving basic computer, scanner, printer and copier assistance
    • Other projects as assigned

    Good interpersonal skills, responsibility and attention to detail are essential.

    Hours are available days, evenings, and weekends, Sunday through Saturday.

    Access Services: Public Relations & Outreach Assistant

    The duties of this position include:

    • Work with supervisor to effectively design promotional materials for library events and displays
    • Assist with library events from start to finish: Conception to assessment.
    • Answer basic informational and directional questions
    • Some hours providing service at circulation desk
    • Maintain library appearance by assisting in some cleanup
    • Writing for blogs, press releases and social media
    • Attention to detail, creativity, and motivation to achieve. Students studying or with experience working in, graphic design, PR, or marketing fields will be given extra consideration

    A variety of day and evening hours are available.

    The duties of this position include:

    • Meticulously enter data into databases
    • Retrieve and re-shelve materials accurately
    • Respect confidentiality
    • Assist in researching, designing, and assembling displays and bulletin boards
    • Assist in outreach and programming for Reference & Instruction and the Children's/Curriculum Collections
    • Complete projects relating to collection development and library instruction, as assigned by Reference & Instruction Staff members
    • Assist with federal and state (WI) documents processing as directed by the Government Documents Assistant

    Work hours will be a set weekly schedule falling between Mondays-Fridays 8 a.m.-4:30 p.m. based on the student's semester class schedule.

    An office position for Cataloging, Periodicals, and Systems. Processes materials and helps maintain library collections. Attention to detail is a must.

    Hours: Daytime hours only

    The duties of this position include:

    • Provide assistance to patrons
    • Research using resources in digital, microforms and paper formats
    • Data entry and proofreading
    • Shelving and filing materials from Archives, Area Research Center and Special Collections
    • Assisting the Archivist and Archives Assistant in the maintenance of unit collections
    • Shredding confidential documents
    • Other projects as needed

    The skills needed for this position are:

    • Attention to detail
    • Good keyboarding skills
    • Ability to work alone and with others
    • Willingness to learn

    The skills desired but not required

    • Ability to lift at least 30 pounds
    • Basic knowledge of American history
    • Photographic knowledge

    Hours are available 9am to 4:30pm, Monday through Friday.

    Use these Acquisitions Forms to suggest material to add to the Library collection.

    We invite anyone who uses the Library to

    For Academic Departments:

    Use Borrow from Other Libraries to borrow items from other libraries and have them sent here.

    These forms are restricted to UW-Whitewater faculty and staff only.


    There are three printers located on the main floor of Andersen Library. Students can freely print to these in black and white from the public computers or using a personal device. The first and third floors each have one printer as well.

    Students can print color jobs for a fee using the Papercut\Q-LibraryPayColor print queue.  After sending jobs to the pay color print queue, students will need to go to the circulation desk to pay for and retrieve their print jobs. Payment can be made using cash, check, Purple Points, or having the cost billed to your student account. Your Hawkcard must be presented for the last two options. 

    The library will print resumes, cover letters, and references for students applying for jobs for free up to 25 copies at one time if the student provides the paper. The student will be charged for all copies beyond 25 per policy. 

    Faculty, Staff, and Guests

    Patrons who are not actively enrolled as students at UW-Whitewater can print at the library for a fee using either the the Papercut\Q-LibraryPayBW or Papercut\Q-LibraryPayColor print queues. Payment can be made by cash or check only. 

    Color Printing Fees

    • 8.5" x 11" (letter sized) is $0.50 per side
    • 11" x 17" (tabloid sized) is $1.00 per side

    Black and White Printing Fees

    • 8.5" x 11" (letter sized) is $.10 per side. 

    There are two scanners located on the main floor of the library. They are located between the circulation desk and the alcove printer. There are additional scanners on the first and third floors. 

    If you need assistance with scanning your document(s) or book section(s), please stop by the Circulation or Reference Desks and a staff member will be able to provide instruction. 

    You can send and receive faxes at the Library Circulation desk. The number to receive a fax is 262-472-5727.

    $1.00 to send a fax
    $0.50 to receive a fax

    We accept cash, Purple Points, or checks. You may also put the charge on your Student Bill.

    Whitewater Campus

    Federal Depository Library Program Logo

    Andersen Library
    750 West Main Street
    Whitewater, WI 53190-1790
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    Circulation Desk: 262-472-5511
    Reference Desk: 262-472-1032

    Rock County Campus

    Gary J. Lenox Library
    2909 Kellogg Avenue
    Janesville, WI 53546
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