Source: Office of the Vice Chancellor, Administrative Affairs 

Field Trips and Transportation to Off Campus Courses.

  1. Special course fees may be charged for transportation costs incurred on field trips required in credit course instruction.*

    For example, students may be assessed transportation costs when the entire course consists of a field trip, when the entire course is taught off campus, when the field trip provides a student participant with experiences and opportunities of recognizable value other than those represented by the credit instruction inherent in the course, or when other unusual circumstances justify an exception to the policy.

  2. Special course fees may be charged for all costs incurred on field trips which are student-exercised options* to credit courses.

  3. On all required field trips, the costs of food, lodging, and incidentals (such as admission charges to museums or parks) must be borne by the students.

  4. The cost of transportation to sites related to student teaching, clinical assignments and other types of practicums is the individual responsibility of the students.

*These should be clearly specified in the university bulletin.

As amended 1 August 1984
Last Reviewed: October 2015