Reasonable Modification Procedure

Source: Offices of the Provost and Assistant to the Chancellor for Equal Opportunity, Chancellor's Committee on Disability Concerns.

Date: August 15, 1996

To: UW-Whitewater Faculty and Staff

Re: Reasonable Modifications

This procedure was developed for UW-Whitewater instructional staff to follow in the event that requests are received for reasonable modifications under the Section 504/ADA regulations. They have been reviewed by the UW System Section 504/ADA Coordinator.

Reasonable Modification Procedure
    1. Instructional staff need to make known to their students that if they require "reasonable modifications" they need to meet with the instructor to discuss those needs. There should be a printed statement to that effect in the course syllabus and the instructor should make a verbal invitation at the first class session.
    2. If the staff member believes that s/he can provide appropriate modification based on the request of the individual absent any other information, the staff member should feel free to do so. However, if costs are involved in the request and the staff member wants a source outside his/her department to pay for the requested modifications; assurance of disability documentation; or, appropriateness of the requested modification(s), a referral to Disabled Student Services (DSS) must be made.
    3. Upon referral to Disabled Student Services, the student must:
      1. Sign a request for services based on the presence of a disability;
      2. Provide appropriate diagnostic information that establishes that s/he is a qualified individual with a disability; and,
      3. Request in writing the reasonable modification(s) sought to accommodate the qualifying disability.
    4. Based on the documentation provided, determination will be made by DSS staff as to:
      1. Whether or not the individual has a qualifying disability;
      2. Appropriateness of requested modification(s), and,
      3. Approval/disapproval of his/her requested reasonable modification(s).
      4. (If the individual does not agree with the determination, an appeal of the initial determination may be made to the institutional Section 504/ADA coordinator.)
    5. Disabled Student Services arranges (in consultation with instructional staff) to provide appropriate reasonable modifications.
      1. Examples of common reasonable modifications include: adapted testing (reader/writer/monitor); note taker, taped/large print materials; reader/writer service; and, library and lab assistants.

As amended October 2002