Source: Office of the Vice Chancellor for Administrative Affairs

Procurement Card

Campus department/units will have the delegated authority to purchase certain items up to $5,000 per transaction by using the procurement card system. The procurement card is the required method to purchase tangible items when allowed. Cardholders should use vendors who accept the procurement card prior to using other orders. Each cardholder receives training on the use of the card. If the cardholder fails to comply with the policy and procedures the delegated authority for the procurement card will be revoked, and the holder will have to purchase items by using the requisition (see Requisition).

Quick Orders

Campus department/units have been delegated authority to issue Quick Orders directly to the vendor(s) for materials and services less than $5,000.00 including shipping (except Printing). Prior approval from Procurement Services is not required. The Quick Order can be used when a vendor(s) does not accept the Procurement Card. In addition, the quick order can be used for: 1) Renewal of membership or subscription (less than $5,000) if Procurement Card cannot be used, 2) Payment of campus contractor for food charges, 3) Payment on 'Academic Support Services Agreements', 4) Allowable telephone charges, 5) Payment on Entertainment contracts (under $25,000), 6) Freight, and 7) Conference or Workshop/Registrations if Procurement Card cannot be used.


The official purchase requisition must be used for all other acquisition activity for which a Quick Order & Procurement Card cannot be used. Requesters are to submit a properly prepared and signed Requisition with all supporting documentation to Financial Services. The requisition will be routed to the Procurement Services who in turn will issue an official STATE OF WISCONSIN PURCHASE ORDER. Departments are not to place Regular Orders directly with vendors without the review and approval of Procurement Services.

As amended 3 January 2000; revised July 2014