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Dining Dollars

Dining Dollars are flexible, debit card-like funds that accompany a Weekly Meal Plan, voluntary meal plan (more information to come) or are a stand-alone Meal Plan in the form of the Full Dining Dollar Plan. You must be enrolled in a meal plan to be eligible for Dining Dollars. 

Students can use Dining Dollars to buy extra meals or upgrade their meal, snacks, beverages, or food from any of the campus dining halls or dining locations during all hours of operation. Food purchases using Dining Dollars, can be used for yourself and your guests. 

Using your Dining Dollars saves you money!

  • Students save an additional 5.5% in sales tax when Dining Dollars are used for food purchases on campus.
  • Save up to an additional 15% at Warhawk Dining campus dining locations.



Savings with Dining Dollars 

Drumlin Dining Hall


Drumlin Sandwich Shop


Esker Dining Hall


Esker Dining Hall – Prairie Street Market


All other campus dining locations 


UWW Rock County – Rockin’ Grill


Add-on Dining Dollars (as part of the Weekly Meal Plan)

Dining Dollars are a required part of your Weekly Meal Plan and provide additional flexibility for your campus dining food purchases. You will start with your choice of $50 or $100 for the semester.


Dining Dollar Meal Plans

Students have the opportunity to choose the Full Dining Dollar Plan if they want greater flexibility for their meals.

The Full Dining Dollar Plan is not recommended for first year students

Summer Dining Dollar Plans

  • Summer Dining Dollar Plans are effective Monday, May 20, 2024 and are placed on the student bill. Summer Dining Dollar Plans can be purchased at the HawkCard Office (UC Rm 250) or by email
  • For Summer 2024, the overhead charge for purchasing a Summer Dining Dollar plan has been waived. Students can purchase 300 Dining Dollars with the entire amount being available to use to dine on campus
  • When Dining Dollars are used there is a savings of 10 to 15% depending on location, plus sales tax! Additional Dining Dollars can be purchased at any time
  • Unused Dining Dollars will roll over into your Fall 2024 meal plan once it has been verified. If you are not enrolled in a Fall 2024 meal plan, Dining Dollars would expire August 30, 2024
  • For questions about Dining Dollars, please contact the HawkCard Office in University Center Room 250 at 262-472-1437 or HawkCard@uww.edu

Summer On-Campus Dining Options

Meal Plan Price Per Semester Redemption Value Per Semester Avg. Weekly Redemption Average Meals Per Week
Full Dining Dollar Plan $1,710 $935 $66.05 6-7


The difference is an overhead charge that is incorporated into all dining plans including the traditional Weekly Meal Plans. This charge covers bonds, utilities, maintenance and custodial services for the residence dining program in Esker Hall and Drumlin Hall. The charge is more apparent in these plans because they are dollar for dollar.

Meal plans offer students the option of selecting the number of meals they wish to eat each week or over the course of an entire semester.

  • The weekly meal plan starts on Monday with breakfast and runs through Sunday late night meal period.
  • Every Monday morning at 4:00 AM the computer resets all student weekly meal plan accounts for the next week.
  • Students signed up for a meal plan must present their HawkCard (ID card) to the Warhawk Dining cashier prior to entering the Esker Hall or Drumlin Hall serving areas.
  • Unused meals do not transfer over from week to week.
  • "Guest Meals" can be used from Thursday dinner thru the Sunday late night meal, provided the account holder has enough weekly meals left to use.
  • Individual meals may also be purchased with Dining Dollars, Purple Points, cash, check or credit card.
  • Meal Plans are not transferable.
  • HawkCards are not transferable. Misused HawkCards will be confiscated.
  • Final plan pricing reflects allowances for partial weeks when fewer meals are offered.

Dining Dollars are accepted during all hours of operation at all campus dining locations, including the Rockin’ Grill at UWW Rock County.

When you want to use your Dining Dollars, just tell the cashier “Dining Dollars” when handing your HawkCard to them for payment.

  • There are multiple ways you can check your Dining Dollar balance:
    • Any dining location. The cashier can complete a balance check when asked.
    • Stop by the HawkCard Office
    • Online
      • Instructions to register and use eAccounts are here.
      • Or use the free “eAccounts” app on your smartphone. Search for “eAccounts” in your phone’s app store. Download to your phone or tablet. Instructions to register and use eAccounts are here.
  • Fall Semester: At the end of the fall semester, any unused Dining Dollars will roll over to your Dining Dollar account for the spring semester and be combined with your spring semester Dining Dollar deposit. 
  • Spring Semester: Any Dining Dollars remaining on your account at the end of the spring semester will expire. Dining Dollars have to be used during the school year for which they were purchased. 
  • Students should carefully consider how much they will use their Dining Dollars over each semester. Generally, lower Dining Dollar amounts are best. You may always purchase more as long as you have a meal plan.
  • Dining Dollars are non-refundable. 

Each student or staff member must be enrolled in a meal plan in order to have Dining Dollars. If a student or staff member has used all of their voluntary meal plan meals, they must purchase more meals before purchasing Dining Dollars.

  • Dining Dollars can be used anywhere on campus for food purchases at Dining Locations
  • Purple Points are accepted anywhere on campus that accepts cash (including vending machines) and at select off-campus locations

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